1. Tbone01

    Ohio links style courses

    I recently drove by Pheonix Golf Links in Columbus. Looked like a lot of fun and was wondering if there are some other link style courses around Ohio? Has anyone played Pheonix? Thoughts and reviews would be appreciated.
  2. Tbone01

    Pace of play and scores

    Recently I've noticed that the quicker I play the better my score. I get into a rhythm and when it's broke (waiting for slow players) all goes down hill. This will be put to the test Sunday when I play with a buddy(fast player) and my FIL and BIL(both slow players). Wish me luck:banghead: i did...
  3. Tbone01

    Kids taking up golf.

    Hi- I have a 7 year old daughter who is currently taking lessons once a week (group setting), with a 2nd session of 1 on 1 instruction. My youngest (5 years old) has also taken a interest, probably due to her big sister playing. I would love to eventually see them both play in High school...
  4. Tbone01

    Running a golf league??

    Hi Everyone, I need some advice or suggestions on the easiest way to keep a golf league members handicap and scoring. The guy who usually takes care of all this is quitting next year as its too much work. There has to be a app or website that takes care of all this. I just want to enter the...
  5. Tbone01

    Charelston SC info needed

    Hi all, I will be in Charleston SC next month for a long weekend . I want to get a round of golf in with my brother but do not want to spend over $120 the for a round. Do any of you have a good suggestion as to which course in that area is the best bang for the buck? Thanks Tim
  6. Tbone01

    Hi all!

    Hi, I've been a voyeur on this site for a little while before deciding to join. My name is Tim and I've been golfing for 30 some years. I typically golf in the Estero Fla. area in the winter months and Northeast Ohio in the Summer. I'm currently a 16 GHIN and hope to improve this always. This is...

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