1. mtbloco

    AZTHP league championship Sign up Poll

    Are taking part in the AZTHP League Championships (Nov 4th and 5th)? We are playing Sewailo GC for our annual league championships. This year, you can choose your tee box and CH will be calculated accordingly. Jade is the default tees. You may choose to step back and play longer tee if...
  2. mtbloco

    Review Cobra Ultralight Pro+ Stand Bag

    Cobra Ultralight Pro+ Stand Bag key features: 5lbs Five way top Extra large cooler pocket Easy Flex Base and stable leg design 9 pockets Magnetic Rangefinder pocket. First impressions: The bag is well constructed. Zipper quality is very good. Location and size of pockets are...
  3. mtbloco

    AZTHP Escape to Torreon

    @Wildcat4life @oumagic @Roadrunner and I are up in the cool pines for Show Low AZ. 6331 ft in elevation to play a charity scramble at a private bucket list course. Torreon GC OU made a signature cocktail…we haven’t named it but it’s tasty!
  4. mtbloco

    Course Review Troon North Monument Course

    Sitting at the 19th hole on Saturday, @tanker337 turns to me and asks..."Do you want to play Troon North tomorrow? I can get a discount." Maybe it was the beer...no it was the course....I said yes in about 5 seconds. This is an AZ bucket list course. It is always near or at the top of the...
  5. mtbloco

    AZTHP Aug. 13th 9:30am Dove Mountain Golf course

    Aug. 13th. Dove Mountain. First tee time is 9:30am We have to confirm by the Friday July 30th! so that is when this poll closes. League rate is $70/player https://www.thegolfclubatdovemountain.com/ 6501 W Boulder Bridge Pass, Marana, AZ 85658 @Wildcat4life @mtbloco @Triple Frak @MagicSpell...
  6. mtbloco

    Arizona THP Golf League Sign up poll. (Poston Butte, June 18th)

    Arizona THP Golf League Sign up poll. (Dove Mountain, June 18th) We're trying to find a better way to do sign up for out monthly league match. This poll will serve as sign up so that we can book the course. We have not booked yet but want to ASAP. if Poston falls through, we'll find another...
  7. mtbloco

    The 2022 Morgan Cup Equipment Ordering Thread

    As it was pointed out by an Alumni*, we need a thread for the participants to start talking about their upcoming equipment order. So this thread is about that process. What are you doing to choose your bag makeup? Are you getting fit? Are you dreaming of some flashy clubs? Are you seeking...
  8. mtbloco

    Mtbloco and Wildcat4life’s Hawaiian adventures

    @Wildcat4life had a great idea that we create a thread to share our trip to the island of Kauai, Hawaii with you. He has never played ocean front golf. We will fix that sad life choice once and for all. With 4 days of golf on the island. Here is the golf line up. Most days we tee off...
  9. mtbloco

    CONTEST Barton Creek AZ/TX competition

    There were 10 people to correctly pick Team @robrandalgz. Blind draw selected @Carolina Dundee as the winner of our prize pack. Congratulations! Please DM me your address and I’ll get it shipped out to you ASAP.
  10. mtbloco

    Mtbloco goes to True Spec Scottsdale

    This year I've been fortunate enough to spend a lot of quality time on the course with my Ben Hogan PTx Pros. When selected for that experience, my cap was 25.5 and raising. But I felt confident and curious about what would happen if I spent time with a "players" iron. Nearly 70 rounds of...
  11. mtbloco

    The Many Saints of Newark

    Who’s excited about this? I know I am.
  12. mtbloco

    2021 US Amateur Four Ball - Chambers Bay

    Is anyone following this championship? My nephew-in-law and his team mate just qualified for the round of 32 in a playoff. They are facing the 2 seed soon. https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/championships/2021/u-s--amateur-four-ball.html#!scoring
  13. mtbloco

    What is up with this Ohio? Fried pickle pizza at Ohio Pie

    Fried pickle pizza at Ohio Pie (Brunswick, OH) I'm a bit skeptical of this one being greater than the sum of it's parts.
  14. mtbloco

    WTB Arnold Palmer Blade Putter cover

    Anyone out there in THP land have an Arnold Palmer putter cover laying around that would consider moving on to greener pastures? My old blade deserves a proper sheath.
  15. mtbloco

    Be seen on 16th at the 2021 Waste Management Open

    They just ran this story on the local news. $500 for a prime location, $250 for other areas. WM open is a huge charity event if you were unaware. Get your face Virtually displayed on the 16th during the WM Open.
  16. mtbloco

    Choosing lie angle when comparing irons from different companies.

    How would you determine your ideal lie angle for a new to you set of irons? If you know, based on dynamic swing tests that you are "Up 3 degrees" in one set of irons, then do you automatically start with that same up 3 in irons from another manufacturer? What if they progress in stock lie...
  17. mtbloco

    Choose your own adventure. 14th hole at We Ko Pa - Saguaro course

    On Sept. 20th, our golf league will play at We Ko Pa and play the Saguaro course. According to Golfweek, this is the highest rated course in Arizona and #71 "Best course you can play" in the US. To say i'm excited to finally take on the beautiful and challenging course is an...
  18. mtbloco

    Phoenix / Scottsdale Area Golf Courses - Top 25 open to Public

    Thanks to @Wildcat4life excellent Tucson course ranking, I was inspired to create a similar list for the Phoenix / Scottsdale Area. My list will only be courses open to the public. As a result, I’m leaving a lot of spectacular private clubs off this list. I’m new to AZ golf, so this is just...
  19. mtbloco

    mtbloco swing critique....I hope.

    Testing out posting videos and taking them of my golf swing. I've never uploaded to YouTube and tried embedding them. so this might have some technical difficulties. If so, please ignore. Hopefully these are good enough that if someone want to critique my swing I'd be willing to listen. I'm...
  20. mtbloco

    The Random Pairing. Avoid at all cost or Cool I get to meet someone new?

    How are you with getting paired with strangers? Does it get in your head? Or do you welcome it? Do you only book 4 someday with friends or club members? I play as a single more often than rounds with friends so 70% of my rounds are with strangers. I have not had a bad experience. How about you?

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