1. echico

    Balloon Fiesta 2022

    I am in ABQ, NM for the 50th annual Balloon fiesta. I will post pictures through the night here. Tonight is the glowdeo with special shapes balloons. Glowdeo is when they light up the night with the fires. I dunno never been so you are seeing it along with me.
  2. echico

    End of season analysis

    Some folks ate coming to the end of their season. What aspect of your game did you work on this year and feel you improved? For me it was wedges. I really think I finally have some touch with them. Thankfully my season never ends in AZ so I will get more practice coming up.
  3. echico

    PLDA World Championships

    I guess they are going on now and I can't find any info on who has advanced or not. The YouTube videos are much better this year than last but they need some help updating their website with results. This is one streamed group, you can go to PLDA channel to get others. I guess Bryson is at...
  4. echico

    How adventurous could you be?

    From the WGP the talk of a Chef's Choice dinner came up. If you are not paying could you just show up and eat? Obviously the folks in the Dormie Network know a thing about food so where do you stand?
  5. echico

    Range time before a round, do you....

    Take your whole bag to the range or just a few clubs? I take my whole bag and usually end up hitting 5-7 clubs.
  6. echico

    Budget Golf Championship extra rounds thread

    Might as well start with a food pic Dixie chicken in a wrap
  7. echico

    How do you pack your travel bag?

    No right or wrong answer. Obviously take heads off where you can. A B
  8. echico

    Bryson and Tebow

    Meathead special. Interesting mashup here
  9. echico

    Your perfect fast food meal - with a catch

    What is your perfect fast food meal if each item has to come from a different fast food restaurant? You can mix breakfast and lunch items along with seasonal items. Mine: Chicken Fingers with country gravy from DQ. Close 2nd is Baconator Curly Seasoned fries from Jack in the box Cherry...
  10. echico

    Does this rule proposal in league make sense?

    I was on the range this morning and overheard a conversation from a member and our rules guru in the league. He just got a new set of Rogue ST Pros so that is where this is coming from. He asked if we could make an allowance for a desert club. The caveat being that it had to be something that...
  11. echico

    Topping a steak

    You are presented with choices to top your perfect steak. Pick one. I typically am a no topping guy but will do a good peppercorn sauce here and there on ribeye. I love chimichurri on flank steak but wouldn't order that at an al a carte steakhouse.
  12. echico

    You are playing in a net tournament. What is the lowest score that you think should win?

    So was in a tournament and -8 net won today. There were some grumblings but nobody boo'ed him when he got his trophy. I have seen a room full of people boo a team that won the D flight by 20+ strokes due to their sandbagging. What score do you see and say they had a good day vs we just got...
  13. echico

    Taco Poll #3 - Toppings

    What do you put on top of your tacos? Pick all that apply
  14. echico

    CONTEST AZTHP Team Championship Giveaway

    Details about the AZTHP Team Championship here. Entries accepted until July 16 at 8AM PDT. Each of the participants for the event will get a tumbler and 3 Tumblers will be given out to non-AZ THP forum members! Grand prize - Pick the winner of the event and be randomly selected you will win a...
  15. echico

    You are at a fantastic course and step into a new to you Pro Shop.....

    What is the first thing you look at to buy? I always look at hats first. I have has so many discounts on golf apparel that my closet if full of polos and I refuse to pay retail ++ for a polo so the hats are always my goto. I also look at trinkets but very rarely buy them. The shirts the...
  16. echico

    Top 10 shots of all time

    First off this is an impossible task but someone tried so we have to make fun of them. On my list maybe 3 of them would be a conversation to be in Top 10. Another thing I know Watch Mojo's lists are awful. :ROFLMAO:
  17. echico

    Another influencer vs US Open course video

    It was not spectacular. :ROFLMAO: Watch at 1.5x or even 2x speed.
  18. echico

    If the Broncos are sold for $4.5 billion

    The highest for any US sports team. If all the teams were for sell now who is over the $4.5 billion number. I think the obvious answers are the Yankees, dodgers, Cowboys, and Lakers. Who else? Which team wouldn't go over $1 billion?
  19. echico

    AZTHP Team Championship - Get ready!

    Our 2nd annual AZTHP Team Championship will take place Saturday July 16 at Verrado - Founder's Course. As the folks in the AZTHP league know this is near and dear to my heart because the trophies are a tribute to my daughter. This thread will serve as setting up the teams and getting details...

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