1. tahoebum

    Best in person sports to watch live and why?

    Hockey and it’s not close. I’m so fortunate that I now get to see not only pro hockey but a lot of high school hockey now that we are back in Minnesota. My daughters high school won the State Class A Girls Hockey Championship the last two years and has a bunch of close friends on the team and...
  2. tahoebum

    Valentine’s Day

    We are going to our favorite Naples restaurant where we’ve been for several anniversaries but never for Valentines Day. My wife loves the restaurant so much that she bought an oil painting of it from a local artist, lol. We were talking about it on our walk today and one of us has been out of...
  3. tahoebum

    What 2 months (back to back) are the slowest/longest months out of the year for you?

    Mid January to mid March. The fall through the Christmas season is easy and our 3 kids are all with us on vacation through about January 5th. By March 20th we are in Florida for spring break and by Masters week the golf courses in MN are open again. This morning it was -13 and most of us are...
  4. tahoebum

    Do You Recline on a Domestic Flight?

    I recline often just partway to make it more comfortable. I generally don't sleep on a plane unless it's over 5 hours(once or twice a year) so reclining more than that makes it less comfortable for me. That guy in the video is acting like a spoiled d-bag and IMO the flight attendants should be...
  5. tahoebum

    What "great" movies have you never seen?

    From that list, Dark Night and Lord of the Rings. I recently saw new hope because my son was home for the holidays and he's a Star Wars fan. I'm not much of a moviegoer or TV watcher. Most TV series I've never seen including popular ones such as The Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, This is...
  6. tahoebum

    Do You Consume Alcohol While Playing?

    If it's a boys weekend or I'm playing on a Friday afternoon I'll have a couple of beers during the round if others are also drinking. I don't drink for a morning tee time round unless it's a boys weekend which means 36 holes a day, I rarely tee off later than 9:30 am so for 100 rounds last...
  7. tahoebum

    Expensive putter covers?

    Or your own feet. I've never used a putter headcover and all of mine are in a crate somewhere that I haven't seen since our move almost 2 years ago.
  8. tahoebum

    Joining a golf club?

    I didn't have a private membership from age 26 until I was 44. Family and work commitments didn't make the expense of a private membership make sense. Now a decade later it would tough for me to give up a private membership as I really love the faster pace of play and improved conditions of...
  9. tahoebum

    Shorter shaft in driver (yes, another one of those threads....ha!)

    I’d certainly try a little shorter length first. I’ve always my driver longer and straighter at 44.5”-44.75 but everyone is different. I add lead tape to the head or buy heavier screw weights. If your’e playing a 45” most won’t notice a difference at 44.5” if no weight is added.
  10. tahoebum

    Commercials that make you giggle or that are just cool

    I haven't spent much time in Europe but enough to realize that their commercials are much funnier. :ROFLMAO:
  11. tahoebum

    Putting eye alignment - all of us are different.

    Upper body/head posture is much different. My stance is also narrower and the ball distance to my feet/toe line is the same or maybe a bit closer to the ball. My arms also have more bend at the elbow.
  12. tahoebum

    Official Golfing Weather Thread

    Super cold is relative, lol. My wife and I got a good laugh last month when we were in Naples and the weatherman used the words "chilling winds" in his forecast when the high that day was 70*. My son's college near us in MN just sent out an email warning about blizzard conditions tonight with...
  13. tahoebum

    Official Golfing Weather Thread

    I will be in Florida tomorrow afternoon through Monday night and should get a round or two in Naples where it is a bit warmer. Naples, FL
  14. tahoebum

    Putting eye alignment - all of us are different.

    I'm now right around 37" for putter length and lie angle adjustment hasn't been needed. As you can see comparing to the middle putter in the photo, I've added 3" of length to about a dozen putters and they all seem to work well now, lol.
  15. tahoebum

    Putting eye alignment - all of us are different.

    It made me aim right and compensate by pulling across the ball. The big problem is all my long practice putting sessions(often 90+ minutes a few days each week) over the last 4 decades means I really had a grooved outside in stroke and nearly all my misses, especially under pressure, were...
  16. tahoebum

    Metal Golf Spikes

    I'm a retired Gen X'er and I miss my tungsten tipped metal spikes but I likely need another knee surgery if I gamed them now. I wish I still had a set to take to the grave. :)
  17. tahoebum

    Driving Irons

    This for me and my SS is about 106mph with a driver and my EF 4 iron has a Aerotech Steel Fiber FC90 shaft. I only got a few rounds last fall with it before winter set in so I'm also looking forward to getting it outdoors hopefully in early April. I use it primarily for 2nd shots on par...
  18. tahoebum

    The Plant Based Diet

    LOL! And I've had 3 meals in the last 36 hours that were straight off my new Weber Smokefire, lol. Vegan I will never be but I'm sympathetic as my daughter was a vegetarian and drank no liquids other than water for a year. I would likely die without BBQ and beer. :)
  19. tahoebum

    Putting eye alignment - all of us are different.

    I have read that it's easier for right-handed golfers to set up if they are left eye dominant but I've never looked into it to see if there has been a study or any proof of that.
  20. tahoebum

    Putting eye alignment - all of us are different.

    Yep, he was obviously one of the best putters ever and super hunched over. It's interesting to me that a majority of pros set up with their eyes inside the line when conventional teaching often tells us to place our eyes over the ball. I'm guessing a lot of golfers have made the same mistake...

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