1. ttucliffhanger

    Hobbies Outside of Golf

    Awesome! Nice Z btw. For the can you shouldn't need anything. The full system I got actually stated that there was no remapping required, but it says that they eventually recommend it. I did a lot of research and the Z is made so some exhausts you don't have to. I will probably get a power...
  2. ttucliffhanger

    Hobbies Outside of Golf

    Love the transam!
  3. ttucliffhanger

    NEWS 2019 Callaway Financials

    This is awesome! I will be watching this this year to see how they do. If it continues to increase I will be purchasing stocks for sure!
  4. ttucliffhanger

    ANNOUNCEMENT Thank You 2019 Albatross Club Members

    So cool. If you ever get to come down again like you did a few years ago and are able to take THPers, please let me know! I would love to go!
  5. ttucliffhanger

    What golf stuff did you buy today?

    Used the rest of my gift card. Now it's time to get rid of some hats.
  6. ttucliffhanger

    Tour Event Contest: 2020 Genesis Invitational Sponsored By Golf Pride

    Justin Thomas and 8/10. Thanks for the opportunity THP!
  7. ttucliffhanger

    Hotel Brand of Choice

    Most of the time when we travel we try to find a La Quinta. Have had really good luck with them. Like their points system and they always have a great complimentary breakfast!
  8. ttucliffhanger

    What golf stuff did you buy today?

    Used some of my Callaway b-day gift card and got a couple of Callaway trucker hats on clearance. Also bought a club Glove the other day. And even though this isn't related to golf, but bought a pair of boots for work. Finding a pair that has a non metallic shank and waterproof limits your...
  9. ttucliffhanger

    CONTEST The KBS Experience: Win a Free Trip, Fitting, Shafts and More

    Really wish I could get in on this but I'll be deployed for the Navy at that time and don't get back till the 14th, so best of luck to everyone!!!
  10. ttucliffhanger

    NEWS True Temper Binary Shafts + Contest

    Cool contest and interesting shafts.
  11. ttucliffhanger

    Happy Birthday Ttucliffhanger!

    Thank you all! I lucked out this year. Custom exhaust for the bike, new golf bag, some golf shirts, pants and shirts and the best of all this awesome card by my daughter. Also got some custom embroidery done on the new bag this week and my DOE clearance came in end of last week. Been an awesome...
  12. ttucliffhanger

    Happy Birthday Ttucliffhanger!

    Thank you again everyone!
  13. ttucliffhanger

    Happy Birthday Ttucliffhanger!

    Thank you everyone!
  14. ttucliffhanger

    ANNOUNCEMENT Congrats: You Are Headed to PGA National with Mizuno

    Congrats fellas. Heck if a win! Have fun!
  15. ttucliffhanger

    How do you travel with your clubs?

    So, currently I have a soft travel case. It's am OGIO Mutant I believe. What I usually do is take off any head that will remove, put it in the headcover and the heads go in my carry on. I take the shaft and turn it over so the adapter is in the bottom of the bag. Now previously all my fwy woods...
  16. ttucliffhanger

    Review PUMA Ignite NXT Golf Shoes

    Good write-up and great looking shoe! I have heard good things about the previous models. Just never gotten them.
  17. ttucliffhanger

    Do You Mallet?

    So I have used Mallets pretty much my whole life. I had a Taylormade blade putter at one time and couldn't putt worth a flip with it. After that I went back to Mallets. Then I got a Scotty Newport M2 which was an in between. Putted well with it and had it leading up to the 2018 Grandaddy. Got...

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