1. OldandStiff

    Hoodie For Golf?

    Froze my hoodieless head off this afternoon. I'm saying all hoodie from here until the first day of spring, or my club opens. There's a geographical trend in here that implies necessity drives opinion on this idea.
  2. OldandStiff

    Anchoring, my view

    You honestly feel like Simpson, Kuchar, etc's along the arm method is comparable to Scott's? I can't tell if you're serious, kidding, or just trying trying to start a conversation.
  3. OldandStiff

    Fix The Distance Issue on Tour (w/o Altering Equipment)

    The 3 point line has been moved back multiple times at various levels.
  4. OldandStiff

    How long does it take to grow a beard?

    How do you not grow a beard? I mean, it happens on it's own, right?. I gave in to nature a long time ago, to a degree. I mostly trim it. I can't even remember the last time I completely shaved, but I'd wager I was wearing a white collar for the occasion. My advice would be to let it grow...
  5. OldandStiff

    What golf stuff did you buy today?

    For my new UDI 2H.
  6. OldandStiff

    Project X Even Flow Riptide Shaft

    What did you order in your Mavrik 3W? I have one with a Riptide that I'd be open to trading.
  7. OldandStiff

    Fix The Distance Issue on Tour (w/o Altering Equipment)

    - More doglegs, with impossible cutoffs - Crazy tight fairways at a certain distance - Bunkers or water at a certain distance - Angled fairways at a certain distance (which at tour firmness would launch most balls into rough) - Set up uneven lies or basically fairway moguls at a certain distance...
  8. OldandStiff

    Question On Distance

    edit: should have read closer Same strikes, 7 mph faster wins, by a lot.
  9. OldandStiff

    What Golf Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Started re-organizing my ferrules, weights, grips, etc., played 18 with the wife (!), won/bought a recoil proto shaft for my TM UDI that gets here Wednesday, THP'd of course, and plan on watching some of today's coverage once the wife goes to sleep.
  10. OldandStiff

    What did you shoot today?

    Was playing with an even stiffer swing than usual and fighting it (and the wind) like crazy on the front. Pulled out some really good trouble shots to stay alive. Got grooving on the back, but got seriously rushed by weather and probably left a couple out there. We were full hit, putt, and...
  11. OldandStiff

    Callaway MAVRIK FW Woods and Hybrids

    I happened to hit my best with my 3W standard today too. Was hurting today so I tried to take it easy, and my driver shaft was getting the better of me just a little because of it. Only took a little adjustment for today, but shortly after I figured that out I said to my wife, 'You know, I could...
  12. OldandStiff

    Buried in a bunker!

    If I don't have to get it too high then I move it back a little, keep it square, dig in, and focus on a spot in front of and below the ball.
  13. OldandStiff

    Iron Swing - How Much Effort?

    I don't swing anything 100%. I have injury issues to worry about, but even if I didn't, I doubt I would live over 90. You can't do anything in life as hard as you possibly can every time and expect to repeat the motion in a way golf requires. You have to find a balance. I swing as hard as...
  14. OldandStiff

    2020 Better You Fitness Thread

    Played 18 instead of 9 since we could ride, but leg day at the end of the day suuucks. Didn't even have to trick her to get her though, so that's nice. Lol
  15. OldandStiff

    Fancy or frequent

    Frequent. Most muni's aren't that bad.
  16. OldandStiff

    Buried in a bunker!

    I haven't watched the coverage. Where was the ball relative the lip of the bunker and the pin?
  17. OldandStiff

    THP Live Round thread!

    I'm so mad at myself. I think I let the hoodie thread last night get to me. I would give somebody $100 for a hoodie for the last couple holes.
  18. OldandStiff

    THP Live Round thread!

    I had a stretch of 3 straight birds, but blew a short one to make it 4. Wife figured something out, and despite freezing her butt off, if is killing it with the irons today.
  19. OldandStiff

    THP Live Round thread!

    That for eagle after a smoked 3w off the fairway. Missed low side, settled for birdie. 5 footer for birdie on the par 3 next. Smoked the next drive. Finally feeling it, and gonna have to move fast. Weather is coming.
  20. OldandStiff

    THP Live Round thread!

    I'm working my rescue and scramble game HARD today.

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