1. OldandStiff

    Course changes and ratings updates

    I'm curious for any feedback on how often courses you've played update their ratings. A comment @McLovin made in another thread brought to mind a recent outing where the card and tee marker/sign (I honestly don't know what you call it) both listed 540something from the back tees on a par 5...
  2. OldandStiff

    Max Homa was having fun tonight

    Anyone catch him roasting people's swings on twitter, or were you sleeping? It had me rolling! So much fun when the pros interact with fans like that.
  3. OldandStiff

    White ferrules on black shafts?

    What's your opinion on this? Here's the dilemma - Bought a new Apex combo with shafts that are a bad fit for me. Have some Black PVD KBSs that I'm going to put on them. Bad shafts are pulled, everything is clean and prepped, but my ferrules and grips have hit a shipping delay and won't be here...
  4. OldandStiff

    What has your fitting meant to you in terms of improvement?

    An exchange between rollin and Brassie about how many people spend money on clubs, but don't get fitted for the clubs they buy got me thinking about that. I've never been fitted for any clubs. I played 15 year old irons until the end of July, at which point I was a 2 handicap. I made a...
  5. OldandStiff

    When is it time to club up?

    I've been surprised seeing the GIR miss percentages and comments in that thread, and it has me thinking. I know there are schools of thought that the average golfer would score better if they played one club stronger on approach. I know on a lot of courses/holes missing short is safe and long...
  6. OldandStiff

    Little Rock, Arkansas

    Can't find any recent threads for this area, and it looks like I'll be there at the end of the month. Anyone local to Little Rock who would want to play a round, or recommend a course or two based on something other than google reviews?
  7. OldandStiff

    How your course alters your stats

    Reviving an old-ish topic (thanks ntanygd760) because I'm curious what other people play on. A friend and I were comparing FIR and GIR stats and he was surprised his GIR numbers were better than mine until I showed him that his home course greens are nearly twice the size of mine. Fairways...
  8. OldandStiff

    Hats and hands

    There's a lot of discussion on etiquette, protocol, respect for the game, etc here. A lot of it seems to be based on traditions, poor attitudes and actions by uneducated/inexperienced golfers, or people that are just self-centered and rude in general. So my question is this - is the removal...
  9. OldandStiff

    Posting scores after injury?

    I've read a few semi-pertinent threads on here, but I'm looking for general feedback and opinions on this. Short-ish story - I didn't play for a long time. I was a non-golf athlete, and then a contractor, and injuries from both kept me from wanting to swing a club. Then my wife accidentally...
  10. OldandStiff

    NE, but I'm no cornhusker

    Hi all. I'm new to the forum obviously. From the looks of it I'm one among many who stopped playing for a long time and am getting back into it. Played a lot in my youth, then other things took over, bunch of injuries, didn't think I'd ever really play again, blah blah blah. Then one day...

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