1. mmaynard11

    Which Part of Your Game

    We all experience it, a lay-off either due to weather or daily rigors of life. When you get back to playing which part of your game is the most rusty?
  2. mmaynard11

    Valentine’s Day

    It’s Valentines Day, what are you doing with your significant other? Do you celebrate this holiday?
  3. mmaynard11

    What Year???

    Saw this on another social media outlet & thought it would be interesting. Ultimately it may show some of our age...😂 What year did you start playing the game of golf?
  4. mmaynard11

    THP Fantasy Football Prizes!!!

    Spoils go to the winners of the THP Fantasy Football Champions! I’ve never seen a prize that one of the Champions received and said “Nan, that’s weak!!!” I thought we could use this thread to show off our winnings!!! @PatsFan @milehighgolfer @copenhagerman @Jrt13 and anyone else I missed...
  5. mmaynard11

    Phil Moving to Jupiter

    So I guess if you can’t beat them you might as well join them. Phil Mickelson to build a home on Jupiter Island & become neighbors with some of the top players in golf...
  6. mmaynard11

    Club Cleaning

    How often do you guys clean your clubs? What do you use?
  7. mmaynard11

    Which Pete Dye Courses Have You Played

    With the recent passing of the course designer legend, Pete Dye, I thought it would be interesting to see which courses THPers have played & which was your most favorite? For me I think Ive only played one of his course, with that being French Lick. Talk about a course!!! So fun and challenging!
  8. mmaynard11

    Florida - Orlando Area 1/28/20 Golf

    Hey all my Florida peeps!!! I will be down in the Orlando area from 1/28 - 1/31 at the Gaylord for a kickoff sales meeting. A few colleagues of mine want to get a round of golf in & am reaching out to all of you for suggestions. So let’s hear it, where would you golf in the Orlando area...
  9. mmaynard11

    $500 Which Driver

    So you were just gifted $500.00, what driver are you going with?
  10. mmaynard11


    So just saw President Trump was impeached. I am probably the least political guy out there... What is next???
  11. mmaynard11

    Strongest Part of Your Game?

    Let’s hear it THPer’s with 2019 coming to a close what would you say is the strongest part of your game? Tee game? Iron game? Chipping? Putting? Go...
  12. mmaynard11

    What is Your Closing Hole???

    So if your a course designer what do you make your closing hole? Par 3, Par 4 or Par 5? Let’s hear it...
  13. mmaynard11

    American Junior Golf Association Tournament of Champions

    So the AJGA Tournament of Champions is taking place right now at PGA National. This week hosted the awards ceremony for those Junior Golfers in various categories. The four day event will be held on the Fazio & Champion Course. Having just played there a few weeks ago in the THP Graphite...
  14. mmaynard11

    Golf Channel - Morning Drive Next Tuesday!

    So us folks up here in Green, Ohio have one of the most touted up and coming young amateur golfers in the game. He was named Rolex Amateur of the Year & just committed to Ohio State for the next chapter in his golf career. Maxwell will be on the GC Morning Drive Tuesday morning 11/26/19! So...
  15. mmaynard11

    How Cold is to Cold?

    So the title says it all, how cold is to cold to play golf. Could cold weather under 40’s potentially damage your equipment? Is the driver more susceptible to damage over irons? I personally will play if temps are above freezing... So what are your thoughts?
  16. mmaynard11

    First Tee Jitters

    So as I was reminiscing this morning, I can across a video from the 2014 Morgan Cup. The subject was the First Tee. This got me thinking... How do you handle the first tee? Do you get nervous? Does it not bother you? For me I do feel a sense of nervousness if I’m playing with a group of...
  17. mmaynard11

    Halloween Parties & Costumes

    So with Halloween right around the corner, I think it would be interesting to see those costume pictures and Halloween decorations. Still putting my costume together, but my daughter is heading to her first party of the season. By the looks she should either be the HS team mascot and drive...
  18. mmaynard11

    Can You Game a Ball with a Logo?

    I got to thinking after seeing several golf ball brands release golf balls with various sporting logo’s on them. How many of you play a ball with a logo on them? If you do is there a certain team you support? Personally I can’t as the ball looks to busy.
  19. mmaynard11

    Name That Hole!

    I've always enjoyed looking at golf holes. So starting up this game. Correctly guess the hole and you are the next in line to post a picture of either your favorite hole or a hole you've played on a course in the past. 1st up...its go time!
  20. mmaynard11

    Music on the course or no?

    So do you listen to music when playing with your buddies on the course? Does it bother you if there are others on the course if they do? I have no issues at all with music on the golf course. I know several that won’t play in a group if there is.

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