1. CAA_Beat

    FS: Rogue SZ Driver, Rogue 4w and JPX 3 Hybrid

    Rogue SZ 9.0 Synergy 50g Stiff, headcover and wrench included. Great condition. 4 months old used less than 10 rounds. $350 Rogue 4W Synergy 50g Regular headcover included. Used less than 5 rounds. $200 Mizuno JPX 3 Hybrid 19 degree, Fuji Pro 73 g shaft. Good condition. Face has the most...
  2. CAA_Beat

    Bill Haas Injured in Fatal Car Accident

    This is scary, he was the passenger in the Ferrari driven by a friend he was staying with this week in LA. Very sad and tragic. https://www.cnn.com/2018/02/14/us/bill-haas-car-crash/index.html
  3. CAA_Beat

    FS: PING G30 9* Tour 65 Stiff Shaft

    $140 shipped includes Head Cover and Wrench Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. CAA_Beat

    Dick Enberg Passes at 82 RIP

    One of the truly greats of all time. I remember when he was hosting a sports trivia game show on local TV in Los Angeles when I was growing up. He's called just about every major sporting event there is, in a truly memorable way. Oh My...
  5. CAA_Beat

    FS: Srixon 565/765 Combo Set Modus3 105 R Flex

    $275 shipped!! Incredible Price for a Forged Set You can tell I dont' care about making a lot of money off these, they are taking up space in my office and want to move them out Only have 6-PW 6,7 in the 565 and 8-P in the 765 specs are 1" long and 2 degrees upright. Lamkins Z5 Midsize...
  6. CAA_Beat

    Toby Kieth SH!!$y Golfer

    We ran across this video and even though it shows people doing things on a golf course that our Super would lose his hair over, we all got a great laugh out of it. Put me down for a 5 :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEwnd1wbE-M
  7. CAA_Beat

    Maybe I'm a 1/2 inch over not a 1" over in irons after all

    Golf talk question!! I've always been fit to 3/4 or 1" over in iron fittings, depending on the OEM and their standard length. But recently I went to a demo where I wanted try two different shafts in the same iron. But they only had one shaft in 1/2 over and the other in the 1" over. I hit...
  8. CAA_Beat

    Another Florida Hurricane?? Please Say it isn't so

    Looks like Nate is forming in the Gulf. I sincerely hope for all you in Florida and anywhere actually, it doesn't amount to much...
  9. CAA_Beat

    FS : Srixon 565/765 Combo Set Modus 105

    SOLD Thats $70 per club. Less than wholesale. So as they say. These must go!! They are 6-7 in 565 and 8-P in 765. All with Nippon Modus3 105 R 1" over 2 degrees upright Lamkin Mid Size Z5 grips. Irons are 3 months old with about 12 rounds. Very minor club chatter on the sole of a couple...
  10. CAA_Beat

    DC MD VA Area Chat

    This is a pretty good opportunity for anyone to get some solid trackman fitting with ProV or ProVx. Feel free to shoot me any questions. Giving local DMV'ers the first chance to sign up before we put it out to the public.
  11. CAA_Beat

    FS: Polos, Rain Jacket, Windshirt All XXL

    Closet cleaning time for the fall. $25 each, $40 for any Two or $50 for any Three $80 for the entire lot. All are XXL are always washed and hung dry so no shrinkage, are true to size. Note: The Pelican Hill and Constellation shirts are Carolina Sky Blue, not sure why the color didn't...
  12. CAA_Beat

    Long Drive With a Twist.

    Some of you saw this on our Instagram but it was so crazy I thought I'd share it here as well. A Long Drive Competitor Sean Blakely was teeing off on a par 5 from 560 yards during a charity outing today. He said he normally hits it 340 to 350 on average, but said while that's good, he likes to...
  13. CAA_Beat

    FS: Callaway XR16 Driver 10.5 R

    Evolution Speeder R flex shaft. Wrench and Headcover included. $110 shipped Sent from my LG-D850 using Tapatalk
  14. CAA_Beat

    FS: Titleist 716 AP1 5-P in KBS Tour 90 R flex. 1/2 long std lie.

    These are in great shape and a very good looking iron for the GI category. Lamkin UTX grip SOLD!! Sent from my LG-D850 using Tapatalk
  15. CAA_Beat

    First DMV Outing of 2017 at Compass Pointe April 30th!!

    Alright everyone, it's been a long, not so snowy and cold winter, but with Masters Week just 1 week away it's time for our first local get together. I'm offering to host it at my course at a very special rate, and have also reached out to a friend who is the local rep for GolfBoard. He'll be...
  16. CAA_Beat

    Nextbelt Showing Wear

    Just curious if anyone else's THP belt is showing excessive wear. This one is only two to three months of wear. My previous one I had over a year and half before it started showing any wear at all. Is this unusual from anyone has seen. Sent from my LG-D850 using Tapatalk
  17. CAA_Beat

    Louisville Women's Basketball Coach Goes On "participation" Rant

    I love this!! I would play for this guy any day! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ko42EXjYCyw
  18. CAA_Beat

    FS: Callaway CF16, 6 - A Recoil 680 F4 (Stiff)

    These are the same irons a lot of The Grandaddy participants are being fit into this week and they are phenomenal irons. They have the upgraded Recoil 680 F4 shaft. They are 1/2 longer than Callaway standard and 2 degrees upright. Grips are the Lamkin UTX the pics don't show it but very...
  19. CAA_Beat

    Fantastic PodCast with Rory

    Ran across this podcast from the No Laying Up guys with Rory last night. One of the best one on one interviews I've ever heard with him. Such open and honest discussion about everything from his equipment change, driving distance pride and Ryder Cup recap. Really good stuff...
  20. CAA_Beat

    September-How Many Rounds Played

    Sorry I'm a few days late with this, as I was catching up on things at home over the weekend after being away at Pinehurst. For me it was a lower number than I would have liked but two of the rounds were at an iconic resort in a one of a kind event, so that helped make up for it. 4-18 hole...

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