1. tahoebum

    How Much Money Millennials Make in Every State

    I thought this was an interesting map and I'm not very surprised by Minnesota as a resident and knowing that they are normally top 12 in household income and is also the home for the headquarters of 17 Fortune 500 companies. I am surprised at some of the other states near the top of this list...
  2. tahoebum

    Putting eye alignment - all of us are different.

    Recently I had a putting lesson that corrected my life long mistake of having my eyes in the wrong spot at address. It's different for each of us and I found a video that uses the same simple test that my instructor used to find my correct eye position set up at address. Conventional wisdom is...
  3. tahoebum

    Annual medical/health physical - Do you get one?

    Our health insurance from my wife's company requires an annual basic health check up that measures height/weight, blood pressure, and blood glucose, cholesterol(LDL, HDL), and triglycerides. As an incentive you can save $600 each annually for doing so. If your BMI, blood pressure, or any of...
  4. tahoebum

    Callaway Optifit 3 vs Optifit 2 compatability?

    I'm not sure about the compatibility of Optifit 2 vs. 3 and didn't see anything on the Callaway website so I'm asking here. Am I correct that the Optifit 3 adapter was first released with the Flash series clubs and is it only for the fairway woods or both the FW and the Flash and newer Mavrik...
  5. tahoebum

    PGA Tour driving distances dropped in 2019 and only up 1% since 2005

    Average driving distance dropped a couple yards last year on the PGA Tour to 293.8 yards. The Korn Ferry averages also dropped 2.7 yards and the Champions Tour saw it’s biggest drop ever of 6.8 yards. Are driving distances really the big problem that some say they are? Considering the depth...
  6. tahoebum

    Christmas Photos of outside lights and decorations

    I thought we should have a place to post any outside decorations/lights whether it’s your home or any other others that you have encountered. We have snow already so everything looks very much like Christmas outside.
  7. tahoebum

    Tesla Model 3’s are everywhere.

    I’m somewhat surprised at how common Tesla Model 3’s have become in the last 17 months since we moved to Minneapolis. I looked up their sales and found out that with only 3 models they sold more cars in the US than Mercedes last quarter and are also now outselling all BMW models as well. They...
  8. tahoebum

    2020 Handicap System will update indexes daily

    I wasn't aware of this change until talking about it with a couple buddies during our round today. I like the fact that handicaps will update daily, what does everyone else think?
  9. tahoebum

    Callaway Epic Flash at Costco for $399?

    I was surprised yesterday at Costco to see the Epic Flash with HZRDUS Smoke shaft for sale. I’m not sure what MAP pricing is for the flash but Golf Galaxy and the local PGA superstore are both selling the driver for $529. I’m guessing they don’t love the fact that Costco is now selling it.
  10. tahoebum

    Another flagstick in or out study by Molinari's older brother.

    Lol, the debate will rage on! This one concludes the same thing as the study from the professor at Cal Poly, at medium speed, you will make more putts with the flagstick out. All of the slower putts went in either way. All of the medium speed putts went in with flag out or in if they hit center...
  11. tahoebum

    Installed a new putting green yesterday.

    I posted this in the “What golf stuff did you do today” thread but thought it should be here as well. I ordered a putting green from Pro Putt systems about 10 days ago and it came in yesterday. They make several standard sizes or any custom size green. I have the 5’9” by 15’ 8”. I had a man...
  12. tahoebum

    Flagstick - Science says you should pull it 99.9% of the time.

    Interesting article explaining why leaving the flagstick in will result in more putts missed. The science in this article makes sense to me and I’m glad someone took the time and effort to use the scientific method to measure this. A quote from the summary section: “Leaving the flagstick in...
  13. tahoebum

    Pro Putt Systems Putting greens

    I’m about to order a Pro Putt Systems putting green or at least a 15’x7’ section of their putting turf to install in my basement. I miss my old man cave 15’x16’ putting green that I gave up when we moved last year and my daughter could really benefit from having access to an indoor green now...
  14. tahoebum

    Transrover - Golf bag/integrated cart

    A new company is launching a new bag that has a cart built in and looks very interesting.... Here’s the link. https://transrover.com
  15. tahoebum

    Snell MTB Black - cracked the cover on one today

    I was at the indoor simulator today for some practice when this MTB Black cracked off my Callaway Mini 1.5. It had been hit only about 50 times and my clubhead speed is not super fast, 103 mph on the swing that cracked it. The shot was center face and the screen in the simulator is very soft...
  16. tahoebum

    Free Apple Watch Series 3 - Strings Attached

    United Healthcare is offering a free Apple watch if you meet daily activity goals. They are the largest insurer in the U.S. so it will be interesting to see how this goes for them. I like the idea that they are encouraging a more healthy lifestyle...
  17. tahoebum

    iPhone vs. Android users -survey findings

    I saw this covered on the news this morning. The survey size was 2,000 so the results are likely to be pretty accurate. The survey has some interesting findings such as iPhone users seem to be happier. I'm also a little surprised that iPhone users spend almost 5 hours on the phones each day and...
  18. tahoebum

    How far do you walk during a round of golf? About 6.5 miles.

    I've walked 85% of my rounds this summer and have done so wearing my Apple watch. At the end of 18 holes it consistently reads between 6.3 and 6.6 miles at my home course which is 6860 off the back tees. It is a fairly easy to walk compact course with lots of parallel fairways and tee boxes...
  19. tahoebum

    Legalized marijuana linked to rise in car crashes.

    Interesting article now that we’ve had enough time to measure accidents rates in pot legal states vs. other states. https://www.whec.com/news/legalized-marijuana-linked-to-a-sharp-rise-in-car-crashes/5112965/ I see a couple problems with legalized marijuana’s effect on drivers: many consider...
  20. tahoebum

    Tesla Model 3 now the best selling luxury car in the U.S.

    I'm pleasantly surprised that Tesla is finally ramping up production. The Model 3 finished as the best-selling luxury car and the #5 selling car(not truck/suv) overall last quarter behind the Corolla, Camry, Civic, and Accord. With an average selling price of $56k, in sales revenue, it now...

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