Cobra Equipment Ordering: 2020 Morgan Cup Experience

    Polo Size: If you dont know what this means, drop out of the event :ROFLMAO:
  2. 2BFAST

    What was your first car?

    86 Z28 Camaro
  3. 2BFAST

    The Airplane Pounder

    I read books.......the only time I get the chance to read a book is flying.
  4. 2BFAST

    UST Mamiya Recoil Shafts Review Thread

    see my sig
  5. 2BFAST

    UST Mamiya Recoil Shafts Review Thread

    ...........I was JUST posting this
  6. 2BFAST

    UST Mamiya Recoil Shafts Review Thread

    @GoldenBuff, look forward. Pics or it isn't happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. 2BFAST

    Do you "Ready Putt?"

    No reason to play ready golf from the tee and fairway and not on the green. This is what causes slow play. If you are ready. GO!
  8. 2BFAST

    EXPERIENCE Get Fit for Ben Hogan with Club Champion

    I haven't tested a Ben Hogan product yet AND I havnt been to a club champion yet also What a perfect opportunity
  9. 2BFAST

    ANNOUNCEMENT Congrats: You Just Won True Temper Binary Shafts

  10. 2BFAST

    Tour Striker Plane Mate

    ......you can cheat any training aid
  11. 2BFAST

    ANNOUNCEMENT Sign Up Now: 2020 TEEm Tour Edge

    Boy, I figured there would be way more signed up for this by now I was VERY fortunate to be apart of last years TEEm and it was fun. It was an opportunity to really test out a brand making a lot of noise I might not have tried on my own. I def regret having that thought of "not trying on my...
  12. 2BFAST

    My New UST Mamiya Recoil Shafts

    Pretty awesome @JB!
  13. 2BFAST

    Tour Striker Plane Mate

    This is correct. I was fortunate to be able to have a good coach while working with mine. Although I think one can do it alone but will need mirror or video feedback
  14. 2BFAST

    ANNOUNCEMENT Congrats: You Just Won the KBS Experience

    Congrats @mjkladis !!!!!!!!!!
  15. 2BFAST

    ANNOUNCEMENT Livestream: Wed 2pm CST from Club Champion HQ - Fitting, Range Days, and more

    That was a great watch. Wished I could of caught it live to ask a few questions but going to try tomorrow. Look forward!
  16. 2BFAST

    Do you use video when practicing?

    For sure. It’s an awesome way to get feed back. As Jeremy said, you think you feel your doing it right but when you see it sometimes it’s just the opposite.
  17. 2BFAST

    Snickerdog WITB

    Looks clean AF. So glad you are getting along with them
  18. 2BFAST

    CONTEST The KBS Experience: Win a Free Trip, Fitting, Shafts and More

    Cant wait to see who gets to experience KBS!
  19. 2BFAST

    Tour Striker Plane Mate

    Iv mentioned it before, but the best way I can describe the feeling is when I get to the end of my back swing and get ready to start down swing, I feel like I have a big rake and I'm going to pull a huge pile of leaves through. Just leave it behind and use your hips and legs to pull it through...

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