1. bbuonic81

    WTB: Callaway Big Bertha 815 Driver Head

    I am working on putting a driver together for a buddy who is playing a head that he's just not getting along with at all. I am on the hunt for a Callaway Big Bertha 815 driver head (either 9 or 10.5 degrees) and I figured I'd throw a feeler out here in case anyone has one in their stable that...
  2. bbuonic81

    WTB: Toulon Weight (20 Gram)

    This may be a long shot, but I'm on the search for a 20 gram weight plate for a Toulon San Diego - preferably the 20 gram version. If someone has a full weight kit and isn't using that one or has one they experimented with an fell out of love with, shoot me a note. I have one on order with...
  3. bbuonic81

    WTB - Callaway Regular Epic 9 Degree Head

    I'm imagining that most of these are solidly cemented in people's bags, but if anyone has a regular Epic 9 degree head that they're looking to move on from, I'd be interested in taking it off your hands. Edit: I don't need a shaft, but if you'd rather sell yours with one, let me know what you...
  4. bbuonic81

    Callaway OptiFit Hosel Cogs

    This is a very random question, but figured maybe someone here has experienced something similar... I have a few shafts that I've swapped in and out of the last few models of Callaway drivers. Yesterday, I noticed that the two cogs had somehow come off of one of them (they're nowhere to be...
  5. bbuonic81

    Rock Bottom Golf - Rock Bottom Customer Service

    I feel like I recall a thread or two from a long time ago, but I wasn't able to pull them up, so maybe I was mistaken, but I wanted to share a pretty rough customer service experience with all you THPers in case you're pondering where to order something from. I don't always shop Rock Bottom...
  6. bbuonic81

    Golf Club Shipping Services

    Apologies if this is a duplicate thread - I tried to look around but the number of threads with "shipping" in them is pretty large, so I may have missed it. Anyways... Making the first trip down to Florida for a few days with a new baby in January and my wife and I are figuring out the best...
  7. bbuonic81

    WTB: Callaway 5 Hybrid

    Thinking about trying out a 5 hybrid in my 5 iron slot at the start of this season. If anyone has a stiff or regular flex 25* (5) Callaway 2015 Big Bertha or XR hybrid that they're looking to sell, shoot me a note and let me know what you're looking for for it. Thanks!
  8. bbuonic81

    FS: Diamana D+ 70 Stiff Flex Driver Shaft w/ Callway Tip

    I picked up a Great Big Bertha a few weeks back that had the Diamana D+ 70 stiff flex shaft in it. I had a couple other Callaway tipped shafts around, so I wasn't too concerned with the fit. Turns out (as expected) just a little too much shaft for my swing. If anyone is looking to move up in...
  9. bbuonic81

    Hole 19 Mobile App

    I didn't find an existing thread on this, but if one exists feel free to merge... Last night, I came across an android app (also available in the Apple App Store) called Hole 19. http://www.hole19golf.com/ It looks to be part GPS, part stat tracking, part yardage book and pretty cool...
  10. bbuonic81

    WTB: Offset Driver (or Head)

    Hi All - Looking to pick up an offset driver (or just the head if you have it) for a little experiment. If anyone has an Amp Cell Offset or Amp Offset laying around, shoot me a PM and perhaps I'll take it off your hands. Thanks!
  11. bbuonic81

    FS: Graphite Iron Shafts (Regular Flex) & Cleveland 588 Altitude 4 Iron

    Hi All - Couple of items up for sale... First: a set of UST Mamiya ActionLite 55 Regular Flex shafts (5-GW) (7 Shafts). Looking for $70.00 Shipped (CONUS). - These are the stock shafts from Cleveland 588 Altitudes; .370 Tip; One time pulls (low heat; hydraulic shaft puller). Second: a...
  12. bbuonic81

    WTB: KBS Tour 90 Stiff 4 Iron Shaft

    If anyone has a KBS Tour 90 stiff flex 4 iron shaft (new, used, pull) that they'd be willing to part ways with, I'd love to take it off your hands. PM me with what you have an what you're looking to get for it. I'm in the Boston area if that helps you out with a shipping quote. Thanks!
  13. bbuonic81

    WTB: Lightweight Steel Iron Shafts

    Hi All - Thinking about going back to steel shafts in my irons after experimenting with graphite for much of the season. Looking to stay on the lighter side. Anyone have anything laying around (pulls or otherwise) they're looking to move? Ideally I'd be looking for a 4-PW set of .370 tipped...
  14. bbuonic81

    FS: Cleveland Classic 290 12* Driver (Head Only)

    For anyone looking to try out a high lofted driver, I have a 12* Cleveland Classic 290 head for sale. The clubhead is in good to great shape. The only real blemish are a couple of small gold spots (4th picture below) below the hosel. Doesn't affect playability at all, obviously, and aren't...
  15. bbuonic81

    FS: New Clleveland Altitude 4 Iron

    Hi All - I have brand new, still in the plastic (head and grip) single Cleveland Altitude 4 Iron (hyron?) for those of you who are thinking about adding one of these to your long iron slot to try out. Stock graphite shaft; Regular flex. Looking to get $60.00 shipped to your door (CONUS)...
  16. bbuonic81

    FS: TaylorMade RocketBladez 5-AW

    Hi All - I have a lightly used (about 5 rounds and a few range sessions) set of RocketBladez irons for sale. 5-AW (7 piece set); KBS FST 90 Stiff Shafts; Standard L/L/L. The irons are in very good shape - easily an 8.5/9 out of 10. No damage; just some slight face scuffing on the "satin"...
  17. bbuonic81

    FS: Callaway X20 - 3-AW; Steel Shafts

    Hi All - I have a set of Callaway X20 irons for sale - 3 - AW (9 piece set); Steel Uniflex shafts. The set is a little older but is in pretty good shape for used irons. Some scuffs and scrapes from normal play, but nothing that would affect playability in the slightest. The 4-AW were...
  18. bbuonic81

    UST Katsu Iron Shafts

    Hey All - Been contemplating a set of graphite shafts to experiment with in a set of irons. Not looking to spend too much money and came across many sets of these on eBay...
  19. bbuonic81

    Is Is Possible to Buff Out Stamped Initials?

    I guess the title says it all: Is it possible to "buff out" stamped initials on a club? I have been perusing eBay, used websites and stores for a deal on a SeeMore putter. I found one in pretty good shape, but it has the prior owners initals stamped on the sole. I guess it's not the end of...
  20. bbuonic81

    Cutting Down/Re-shafting a Long Putter

    I'm not sure if a thread like this exists - for some reason I thought I saw something the other day, but now can't find it for the life of me... I am starting to dabble in the world of tinkering with golf clubs - reshafting, regripping, etc. - and I had a question about putters that I was...

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