1. NoShanks

    Private student loan consolidation

    Try laurelroad.com
  2. NoShanks

    Odyssey Triple Track Putters

    He will love it and never look back 😊
  3. NoShanks

    McLovin's Journey to Improve - 2020 Edition

    Awesome man! Can't wait to see the end results of your hard work. I know it'll be worth it
  4. NoShanks

    More OEM foolishness

    what about a minus? 3- , 8- 😂
  5. NoShanks

    More OEM foolishness

    Now this thread turned into “more retiredboomer foolishness”
  6. NoShanks

    More OEM foolishness

    Most woods have the degree listed below or near the numbers. I know the mavrik has it. I don’t see the issue here.
  7. NoShanks

    Can a weekend hacker ever strike consistently pure?

    I generally play 1-3 times a month during season and I play blades. Do I pure every shot? No. I’m just consistent enough to make consistent contact.
  8. NoShanks

    EMERGENCY PODCAST: Golf Unfiltered vs Canadan

    Yeah I side with dan on this. There isn’t a problem with distance.
  9. NoShanks

    Tony Finau: The Closer

    I think his mental part of the game on sundays need a lot of work. I noticed how much his playing style changes on sundays. He is generally consistent to be within reach of winning. i think in Due time he will win a bunch. I’m thinking 10-15 wins by the time he’s done.
  10. NoShanks

    Punxsutawney Phil says EARLY Spring

    Awesome. The golf itch is strong and can’t wait for spring.
  11. NoShanks

    Golfing as a New Dad

    I found going super early around 7-730 works best as I can be the first one out and be home before 11.
  12. NoShanks

    Would it bother you if a random you're playing with lied about their score?

    Doesn’t bother me as I’ll most likely never play with that random again.
  13. NoShanks

    The Super Bowl LIV Thread

    Should be a fun game tonight.
  14. NoShanks

    Odyssey Triple Track Putters

    Not trying to be negative but Perhaps that means The ball/putter is showing you that your aim and alignment is off? that’s what it did for me lol. I realized how far off I was
  15. NoShanks

    Odyssey Triple Track Putters

    It took me more than two rounds to get a hang of it. I’m minimalistic and prefer simple things. If anything, this helped me simplify my putting routine after I got past the lines.

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