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    9 holes versus 18 holes - Do you really care about how long it takes???

    Just as the title implies “Are you really in a hurry?” When it comes to playing golf. Media today suggests that most people, now a days, don’t want to take the time and their schedules are so crowded they don’t have time to enjoy the company and enjoy the experience. What do you say, I play...
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    You’re AHA!!! Moment

    Have you ever been playing or practicing and had an AHA! moment that really helped your game long term? I had one when I was hitting balls , at the range, and was actually able to feel that I was fanning my hands open on the backswing. I was able to correct the problem and have hit ball much...
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    Handicap level or age?

    What do you think is the deciding factor for whether you use long irons or hybrids? Is it based on swing speed? Handicap level? Ball Flight? Or just personal choice? I believe it is a swing speed issue! How about you??
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    Grand Slam Completion?

    How many months or years will it be before Speith and McIlroy complete their Grand Slam? My guess is 2 years for Spieth and 3 for McIlroy. What do you think??
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    Do Average Golfers Even Care if the Pros Play By the Same Rules??

    Personally, I do not. They are so much better than the average guy that they are not really playing the same game as I am anyway. In addition, I want to have fun playing the game and enjoying the company I'm with!!!! How about you???
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    How many shots???

    Ok, how many good shots does it take before you have confidence that today will be a good day as compared to the dreaded other? For me it doesn't take long to know probably in the 2-3 range...how about you??
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    Would you really know!

    So my question is... if you were blind folded would you really know what ball you are are playing? For me the the answer is somtimes.... how about you???
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    So how much do you like to compete?? Would you rather play a nice stress free round of golf or would you rather compete to see how you compare against your fellow golfers?? For me it is no contest, I would rather to compete 100% of the time!!! How about you????
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    How low could you go???

    I'm sure that you like myself believe that if I had all the coaching, equipment and time to practice that I could have been significantly better than I currently am. I think I could be a scratch golfer (not touring pro scratch). How low do you think you could get to with these advantages???
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    How many for your handicap???

    Everyhandicap is different. Some people have good short games, long games or putt great but we all make our scores differently. So how many pars or better do you make per round? I average between 6-8 per round, how about you??
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    Can you tell???

    Now I go to the range almost every time before I play. Sometimes I hit the ball well on the range and play terribly and vice versa. So my question is can you tell based on your pre-round range time whether you will play up to your standards or not?? I know I can't!!!
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    How many putters do you own and use?

    As I continue to struggle with my putting it occurred to me that I now have 5 putters in my collection and it seems to be growing rapidly. I only use three on a regular basis. How many do you own and how many do use frequently??
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    Putting Nerves!!

    I see this situation all the time. Someone has a 5-7 foot putt for par and makes a good stroke and makes a reasonable number of them. Now make that a 5-7 foot birdie putt and everything changes. I know personally, I miss more of them than I do par putts. How about you???
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    How many balls???

    Just for fun I thought about how many golf balls I would take to play a round of golf under different conditions?? 1. My home course - typically 2 at the most 2. Resort Course - 4-6 3. Competition - 5-7 Match play can be treacherous! How about you?????
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    Great Transaction with G.R.

    Purchased a Sun Mountain C-130 golf bag that was "used" for a great price. If it was used, I couldn't tell!!! Great communication and fast delivery!! Great guy to deal with!!
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    Putting -Mental vs Physical

    OK, I know I'm crazy when it comes to putting. The shorter the putt the more I dread it. When it gets to 2-3 feet I really have to grind and sometimes I still miss them. How about you? Do you struggle with them? Is there a distance that really gets to you?
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    Do you trust the Hype!!

    I know there is a thread about the Callaway Epic & SZ drivers but I have a different question. How many people will admit to purchasing either one of the drivers based on what they hear or read instead of getting properly fit. I know I'm tempted because of how far I have to travel to be properly...
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    How much time??

    OK, just curious as to how much time THPers spend reading / inputting on the site. I understand the moderators, Josh, and Morgan but what about the the everyday follower / member?? My time goes up and down on a weekly basis and peaks in winter time when I can't actually play golf! Since last...
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    Best Looking Irons

    OK, so the question is "What are the best looking irons you've seen?" For me they are the Hogan Fort Worth's!! What do you think???
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    Shafts for new OEM Drivers

    I am curious as to how the typical OEM determines what their standard shaft offering will be for their latest and greatest driver? I know they all offer lots of custom options but what about the one they ship as STD? 1. Is it based on the best price they can get from a shaft manufacturer? 2...

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