1. DG_1234

    Joel Dahmen's bucket hat ?

    Does anybody here know the brand/model of the bucket style hat Joel Dahmen was wearing today during the final round of the Los Angeles tournament ? The brim looked to be relatively stiff (not floppy) and the size of the brim seemed just right. I would like to buy one of those hats.
  2. DG_1234

    betting vs bragging handicaps

    The Annual Crosby/AT&T played at Pebble-Spyglass-MPCC again had a 50/50 mix of betting handicaps vs bragging handicaps. I expect this ratio is no different from what THP members find at their local club/course. I think if the betting handicaps were reduced by 2 or 3 shots, and the bragging...
  3. DG_1234

    chin at address

    It is common to see players not producing a proper pivot and, , or, making a lateral sway during the back swing. Chin up at address is a very much neglected address technique fundamental and here is a good reminder video.
  4. DG_1234

    your ebay numbers ?

    Please post the date when you established your ebay account , your number of transactions w/feedback, and approximately what percentage of your ebay transactions are golf-related. I became an ebay member October 12, 1999, have 899 transactions with feedback, and 90% of my ebay stuff is golf...
  5. DG_1234

    Pat Hurst named 2021 Solheim Cup Captain

  6. DG_1234

    what do you collect (other than golf stuff)?

    Do you collect stamps, watches, refrigerator magnets, snow globes, anything ? I have a small collection of fine pens.
  7. DG_1234

    Nicklaus address technique

    In these images Nicklaus is about 70 years old, but his address technique here is essentially the same as he used for his entire career. Notice how much lower his right shoulder is than his left shoulder. In contrast, most amateur players address the ball with relatively level shoulders. The...
  8. DG_1234

    best ever swinger of a golf club ?

    Many people consider Sam Snead's golf swing to be the best:
  9. DG_1234

    drivers without adapter ?

    Other than Cleveland Golf, during the past 5 years have any brands produced drivers and, or, metal woods without shaft adapters ?
  10. DG_1234

    Where do your eyes look when you putt ?

    For too many years I've putted trying to keep my eyes/head focused , after impact, on the spot where the ball had lay. For the past couple of rounds I switched to allowing, after impact, my head to rotate so that my eyes may follow the roll of the ball all the way ti the hole. This seemed to...
  11. DG_1234

    QBE Shootout ?

    Is anybody here watching Greg Norman's annual 2-person team event from Florida ? Great field of players on a spectacular golf course and worth watching.
  12. DG_1234

    kane 11 socks-by-size

    A couple of my Sirius Radio channels have been running ads for www.kane11.com sock company so I decided to order a couple of pair. The company's niche is to offer socks-by-exact-size, which I think makes goods sense. Also they're produced in the USA, which I like.
  13. DG_1234

    rubber cement grip installation ?

    I've been pulling some stock Tour Velvet grips off of Srixon 65 series woods and hybrids. Instead of tape residue I am finding only a gooey substance that looks like a thin layer of rubber cement. Is this a new trend, to not use tape when installing grips ?
  14. DG_1234

    hybrids replace woods or irons ?

    Yesterday's "mixing hybrids" thread included several comments about the hybrids replacing long irons. I know 20 years ago the original hybrid (TM rescue) was all about replacing 3 and 4 irons. But over the years, as fairway wood shafts have become longer, and fairway wood heads larger, I think...
  15. DG_1234

    Miyazaki Kaula shaft question ?

    Within the Miyazaki Kaula Mizu line is there a blue version as well as a white version ? If not, if in the past Miyazaki has used the words blue and, or, white, what do those color names make reference to ? Thanks in advance for any helpful replies.
  16. DG_1234

    one length for long distance clubs ?

    Modern 45" to 46" drivers are incredible for distance (and not bad for accuracy). But, I've noticed that the extra length of a driver shaft requires a swing rhythm, tempo, even swing plane that is a bit different from the other clubs within the bag. For rounds where I am on a shorter, more...
  17. DG_1234

    your town's legendary restaurant ?

    Here in SF there are thousands of restaurants, but the one that stands out as "most legendary" is the House of Prime Rib. It is packed with tourist and local customers feasting on prime rib from 4:00 p.m. until after 10:00 pm 360 plus nights per year, for more than 50 years now. In your town if...
  18. DG_1234

    crew socks for golf ?

    For golf I wear long pants and crew socks (above the ankle calf height). If you wear this style sock for golf, which brand (s) do you like best ?
  19. DG_1234

    where are the par 6 holes ?

    The recent "longest par 5 you've played" thread has me thinking about par 6 holes. I've only played one, the 650 yard 18th at Lake Chabot GC, Oakland, Ca. If you've played a par 6 hole and , or, know of one, please post to this thread the hole number , name and location of the golf course.
  20. DG_1234

    distance from ball when putting ?

    For putting, have you experimented with standing relatively close to the ball versus standing further from the ball ? My natural tendency is to stand too close to the ball, which seems to cause problem in both alignment (putter face aimed left when it looks to me to be square with target line)...

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