1. Molten

    Quantix Golf - F35 Control

    Something new just showed up at the Molten compound from a company I was previously unfamiliar with - Quantix Golf. I’ve done a fair bit of research into the company and it is young but has a veteran ball designer putting his name as co-signing the design - Larry Cadorniga. Admittedly, I had to...
  2. Molten

    WTB HZRDUS Smoke Yellow

    I’m looking to do a little experiment and testing and I have nearly all the pieces but a smoke yellow. Anyone got one they want to move before I order a new one?
  3. Molten

    Unique Polo Designs

    Some companies are designing outside of the box and going in their own way. Simple question: would you wear the blue, the white, both, or neither? Do you like unique designs or shy away?
  4. Molten

    What to do when your eyes lie while putting

    Recently I’ve been working on my putting lines a bit more than normal and I’ve noticed a major problem. When I get over the ball, what my eyes see as aimed at the center of the cup is actually commonly the right edge. Basically, what my eyes see as straight is anything but. Does anything one...
  5. Molten

    Help design my new wedge setup

    Title says the task. I maintain and update my wedge combos for when I swap irons or review clubs. I’m happy with nearly all the combos except for my 50-54-58 pairing. So that’s the task - design your ideal wedge setup (brand, grind, etc.) and make your recommendations. A bit more detail - the...
  6. Molten

    2019 Lynx Black Cat Irons

    Lynx is making a play to get back into the US market and rebuild the name and reputation it had in the past. The Black Cat brand of irons has been refreshed, retooled, and is now being reborn in the US and hopefully it will have some luck along the way. The Black Cat irons feature a hollow...
  7. Molten

    Cut Matte Golf Balls

    Some of you may have noticed I’ve been discussing matte golf balls recently and that’s because we got some Cut Matte golf balls in for review. They come in three super visible colors (and a matte white). And despite my firmly held belief, they are not scoops of ice cream. From the...
  8. Molten

    John Morgan Golf Apparel

    In for review is clothing from John Morgan and it has already exceeded my expectations so far. Their focus on soft, natural fibers is a refreshing change of pace in today’s golf apparel. It’s so nice that I’m a bit afraid to get it dirty. https://www.johnmorgangolf.com I did some searching on...
  9. Molten

    ULT-X Rangefinder - THP Review Thread - TecTecTec USA

    TecTecTec recently launched its next-generation rangefinder that has a ton of features in a nice compact bundle. Thanks to TecTecTec, we have the ULT-X in for review and it seems to have all the bells and whistles that I look for in a rangefinder. According to the company, the ULT-X is accurate...
  10. Molten

    State Apparel - Functional and Green Golf Clothing

    State Apparel, a company manufacturing it’s clothing in San Francisco, is taking aim to change golf apparel into golf equipment. After spending some time on their website (https://stateapparel.com) I’ve got to say I like what they are trying to do. Between the pockets designed to clean your ball...
  11. Molten

    TaylorMade GAPR MID - THP Review Thread

    Ready to have some fun?! In for review is the TaylorMade GAPR MID. TaylorMade sent the "3" GAPR at 18 degrees, although as the name indicates, it has a Loft Sleeve that allows +/- 1.5 degree adjustments to perfectly gap in your bag. According to TaylorMade, the GAPR MID is has (1) an ultra-low...
  12. Molten

    PeakVision Sunglasses

    About a week ago I started a thread about your go-to sunglasses and to my surprise there was a large concentration of people gravitating to very few brands. One company that was suggested was PeakVision and luckily we have some PeakVision sunglasses in for review. Candidly, I’ve enjoyed the...
  13. Molten

    Sunglasses- Keep the sun out of your eyes

    You are walking out of the house to head to the course on a sunny day. You grab your hat (unless you are Rory in the Ryder Cup) and sunglasses. What type sunglasses do you grab and what type of lenses are best for your eyes and game?
  14. Molten

    Original Penguin - 2018 Apparel

    After a long, fun weekend and a day of travel, I was ready for a long nap but thankfully a package was waiting for me that gave me a second wind! Enter a package from the iconic Original Penguin in for review! Based on a my research, it looks like THP hasn’t had a spotlight on the brand in...
  15. Molten

    Albatross Golf Wear - A New Clothing / Accessories Company

    I got some items in for review from a new company, and I mean really new, Albatross Golf Wear. Albatross Golf Wear was started in 2017 and, according to the website, the owners hope to one leave their day jobs to focus on their new golf-related company. That goal is something plenty of us can...
  16. Molten

    Which one would you play - break down the numbers

    Submitted without much comment, take a look at these numbers and tell me which you would play. You can see averages, standard deviations, and dispersion circles. One I want to play, one I dislike the feel of, and one I like to play a lot. I was really, really surprised how close these were...
  17. Molten

    Swannies Callan Backpack - Anyone living that backpack life?

    Does anyone regularly use a backpack on or off the course? It has been several years since I last used a backpack on a regular basis so I'm looking to understand when and why THPers use a backpack in their lives, particularly if you use one related to golf. And let me know if you have any...
  18. Molten

    Callaway apparel

    I never owned any Callaway apparel prior to this year. I picked a piece up from Nordstroms (I was surprised to see it there so I grabbed it to try it out) and then I recently got a few pieces in for review. I'm curious - what do you know about Callaway apparel and what is your opinion on it...
  19. Molten

    GoGolf GPS

    I have a new product called the GoGolf GPS coming in for review. Based on the company website (https://gogolfgps.com/) it is a hat/glasses mountable GPS that provides audio updates on your last shot and upcoming yardages. It also appears to have some app integration to provide additional...
  20. Molten

    What apparel features make a sale or prevent one?

    I was watching the discussion regarding golf influencers that @Tadashi70 started and I really had no answer for men’s golf apparel. Leave it to @Wicked Cool Bearded Man to put way too much pressure on the THP staff to influence purchases (I kid, of course) but WCBM really put the question in my...

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