1. zbeekner4

    2020 Distance Bash with UST Mamiya Travel and Extra Rounds Thread

    Sorry Danny and e1iterate. Man thats the worst, especially going to a thp event!
  2. zbeekner4

    Titleist responds to the USGA's Distance Insights Report

    6....6 guys carry it 300+?!?! ROLL BACK THE GOLF BALL!! ...the USGA (Probably)
  3. zbeekner4

    Peter Kostis - No Laying Up

    I think its funny that CBS fires the folks like Kostis for being "stale" yet they would get reprimanded if they really broke away from the normal commentary. Like he said, "we report the story, but we cant be a part of the story."
  4. zbeekner4

    Titleist responds to the USGA's Distance Insights Report

    Im surprised that no one has released a report on carry distances instead of total distance. I know its much harder to generate since youd basically need a launch monitor on every driver hole but its more revealing in finding out the truth.
  5. zbeekner4

    Bag Dividers Debate

    Im liking it more than I thought I would. The large number of pockets and unique features have impressed me.
  6. zbeekner4

    Bag Dividers Debate

    Im not sure I am fully for/against either type. Ive had both and see the pros and cons to both.. Right now Im using the Callaway fusion 14 and Im enjoying it. I actually like the dividers for each club cause it will instantly show me when I left a club on the last hole :oops:
  7. zbeekner4

    Who Wins The World Series In 2020

    In my unbiased opinion, I say the Braves will win it all in 2020.
  8. zbeekner4

    Can better shafts transform your game?

    I love getting fit and trying new shafts. I’m with the group here though that ultimately a “better” is simply one that fits your swing better. Historically for me personally, I always seem to find THE single most expensive shaft that gives me the best numbers :LOL:
  9. zbeekner4

    Callaway MAVRIK Drivers

    Dude, please dont hesitate to discuss or ask questions. Thats what so great about this site. Even if i cant answer or respond, someone brighter than I will. And its a bit unfair. My new job actually has a trackman simulator in our PT clinic.:sneaky: Ive been told i can use it (kinda)...
  10. zbeekner4

    Adjustable driver = waste of time for high capper?

    This 100%. Ultimately you could end up spending more over the long term by purchasing the older, cheaper non-adjustable driver.
  11. zbeekner4

    Callaway MAVRIK Drivers

    Currently playing the stock setup with the 14g in front and 2g in back. The spin seems slightly high but notice that its italicized, which means its estimating because there wasnt enough rotations between the club and screen so take those numbers with a grain of salt. But even if its accurate...
  12. zbeekner4

    Callaway MAVRIK Drivers

    Pretty solid numbers I’m getting from the SZ. And I love seeing this ball flight. I think there’s a few tweaks I can make to add a few yards but I can’t wait till some more courses open up for the spring!
  13. zbeekner4

    NEWS The Ball That Changed A Town

    I really liked the video a lot. Really cool to see the history of the ball plant and the investments they put into it.
  14. zbeekner4

    Cobra Equipment Ordering: 2020 Morgan Cup Experience

    I love this thread and JB's OP is hilarious but also shows how ridiculous us internet golfers can be....
  15. zbeekner4

    anyone still use wiffle practice balls?

    Anything more than wedge with a wiffle ball and it would break. But if i only used a wedge for short distances, I might as well use a real ball so I got rid of them.
  16. zbeekner4

    EXPERIENCE The 2020 Titleist Vokey and Golf Ball Experience

    This is SO freaking cool. Looking forward to seeing who gets to be a part of this one!
  17. zbeekner4

    Unsolicited Golf Swing Advice

    @dacatalyst41 Id be impressed if the manager knew who Jobe was! :LOL: Anyways, I hate seeing guys trying to hand out advice. One time, I was hitting some drivers and they started to go from a fade to a slice and an older gentleman told me to just put the ball in the back of my stance and I’d be...
  18. zbeekner4

    Would you take a 30% raise to go clean shaven?

    This exactly. And I haven’t been cleanly shaven in YEARS.
  19. zbeekner4

    Long Layoff: Rusty or Back in Action?

    This is my first New England winter and while it’s been quite mild (allegedly), I find ways to keep my swing in check. In fact, I just discovered a covered driving range near my work that has heated bays and is open year round. Keeps me from getting rusty!

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