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  1. pumbaa

    At this time of year, which part of your bag has gone the longest without an update?

    Irons 5-gw still rogue st max but that may change. Not sure what id look at
  2. pumbaa

    Best 3 hole stretch name.

    Where was this?
  3. pumbaa

    Best 3 hole stretch name.

    Green mile
  4. pumbaa

    Sneaker Thread: Post Your Newest Sneakers Here

    Anyone going for the 5s dropping? They aren't really my thing.
  5. pumbaa

    Should members play faster than non-members?

    I'd say in general yes. They know the course
  6. pumbaa

    Should short knockers play faster than bombers?

    I just think in general you either play at a good pace or not. I've played with people that up front and take forever. Just never see a correlation between distance and pace.
  7. pumbaa

    Should short knockers play faster than bombers?

    I'm a shorter player but I'm always playing with pace but I don't think short players need to play any faster. If I'm a shorter player but still shoot an 85 what's the difference between that and a bomber shooting 85?
  8. pumbaa

    Has PXG Arrived?

    I just posted about this thing. Seems legit speed and distance wise but wonder about forgiveness
  9. pumbaa

    RPP’s 2024 Relocation Celebration

    Good luck on the move
  10. pumbaa

    Choose one from each row. (Video Game Franchises)

    Super smash God of war Halo
  11. pumbaa

    How to do you golf....Ride or Walk(this includes the use of a cart/trolley) and which is better?

    Ride. A lot of courses here on the weekend won't even let you walk.
  12. pumbaa

    PXG Gen 6

    The spec ops driver seems to straight out perform watching club champions driver bracket. Wonder what the forgiveness is since they tend to hit it a lot better than most. Distance and dispersion is crazy good.
  13. pumbaa

    Favorite TMNT

  14. pumbaa

    Hot Take on Golf Hoodies

    I honestly don't care what people wear within reason. Be respectable and dress within reason and have fun. Sloppy ain't it
  15. pumbaa

    Weight Loss Drugs - Thoughts?

    That's another reason I didn't go with it. I'll just get back to my discipline and eating habits and lose weight
  16. pumbaa

    Phil rocking L.A.B. Putter

    A very different putter than the 8802 style he has used forever.
  17. pumbaa

    Weight Loss Drugs - Thoughts?

    Not sure if mentioned but these drugs are for life from what I read up on. Once you stop then you will most likely gain the weight back.
  18. pumbaa

    Weight Loss Drugs - Thoughts?

    I was prescribed wegovy but with the shortage and price never did it. I am just going to grind weight loss like I did previously
  19. pumbaa

    Laces or Disc golf shoes?

    I feel like laces are a tad more comfortable but I've never been uncomfortable in a boa/disc shoe did have 1 pair that didn't seem to want to stay locked down and tight though.