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  1. amarkabove

    2024 F1 Bahrain

    I need it to be Charles. Or rather not Max and I think he has the best shot after having the overall fastest lap in qualifying.
  2. amarkabove

    Buy 3 get 1 free ball deals - Looks like it's time!

    Hard to resist trying the Chrome Tour on this deal, but waiting to see if the Left Dash shows up with this deal. Because I also prefer TruTrack to Triple Track.
  3. amarkabove

    Grow the game

    Depends on who's saying it. A lot of times it's just buzz-word nonsense to make more money. But some are using it to mean bringing the game into previously underrepresented areas, like what Underrated Golf is trying to do.
  4. amarkabove

    Deal of the Day and Coupon Code thread

    How does one apply for a job naming Travis Mathew clothing? Seems like quite a time to be had.
  5. amarkabove

    Used driver shaft

    Don't forget about shaft flex too. You could stay with 60 gram and move up flex as well.
  6. amarkabove

    GHIN 9-Hole Differential

    I'm curious what this is going to do to weeknight 9 hole leagues. I know one of the ones I was considering joining does its scoring through the GHIN app so the option to wait to post wouldn't be available. I imagine this could be a common situation.
  7. amarkabove

    Best players distance iron

    What's funny is on CPO the Apex shows up for both "Player Performance" and "Game Improvement." And Apex DCB only shows up for the later.
  8. amarkabove

    2023 - 2024 Soccer Thread

    I almost feel bad about that Conor goal. Chelsea have no business winning this match.
  9. amarkabove

    Eamon Lynch on Golf Today just said dumb sh!t on live TV

    Pat's show is fantastic though.
  10. amarkabove

    Eamon Lynch on Golf Today just said dumb sh!t on live TV

    I'm confused. Golf Channel is paid cable, no?
  11. amarkabove

    Auto Racing Thread

    Hey now, some of us hated Christian long before DTS was a thing.
  12. amarkabove

    The Official 2023 - 2024 NHL and Everything Hockey Thread

    The world is just better when the Winged Wheel is worth watching.
  13. amarkabove

    GHIN 9-Hole Differential

    People actually follow that no posting when solo rule?
  14. amarkabove

    Whiskey Thread

    It’s from the movie The Gentlemen
  15. amarkabove

    Whiskey Thread

  16. amarkabove

    Whiskey Thread

    I have a bottle of Woodford, Toki, and Balvenie on hand at all times. The Woodford is great straight or in a Manhattan, the Toki for highballs, and the Balvenie because it is my favorite pour.
  17. amarkabove

    Toulon First Run Collection Putters

    Got my shipping email tonight. I think I will be checking tracking even more obsessively than typical.
  18. amarkabove

    Whiskey Thread

    Probably ended up saving money if Pappy was the original intent. And the regular Sazerac Rye is one of the smoothest ryes I've ever tasted. Can't imagine how good the 18 is.