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    For Sale **All gone, lock it up pls**

    First up, 4-PW set of TT PX Catalyst 100cw iron shafts, 6.0 flex and .355 tip. Mint condition, never installed or trimmed. Picked these up to use in my own irons but I'm now planning a MOI build with .370 heads and didn't want to deal with tip weights AND shims. *SOLD* Next, a very nice 5-GW...
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    For Sale Withdrawn, pls remove.

    No longer available.
  3. J

    FS: Mint Srixon Z355 4-pw, Steelfiber I95 S pulls, Aldila 2kxv green 85X

    Great stuff here, prices shipped ConUS: Near new set of Srixon Z355 irons, 4-pw with Nippon 950gh R flex shafts. Standard lie (to my knowledge) and length is standard progression, 38 1/4" 5 iron. This set has never been played, any marks are just from the heads rubbing together and the grips...
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    Hello from Wisconsin...

    My name is Joe, been a long-time member of the old FGI (now GolfBuzz), 4GEA and GolfWrx forums. I've lurked around here for a long time and just joined recently. If I can help it I try to play a lot more golf than post about it on forums, but living where I do those playing chances are getting...

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