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    Money Saved/Lost

    No difference really. I bought to used Cobra F9 3 and 5 woods and got them yesterday. I was going to buy another mavrik custom club but when I found out it would take months to get it, I decided to not bother with it. Other than that pretty much the same as usual for me.
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    I finally did it!!

    Wow....great job!
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    I’ve Never Hit a Bad Shot

    What is wrong with bad shots is that once they are done they become history! It is like the words, "You suck and hit a LOUSY a>> shot" are recorded forever while you move to the next bad shot with your head hung down in shame. Why do I even play this game :p
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    A Gif Story

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    A Gif Story

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    A Gif Story

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    A Gif Story

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    ANNOUNCEMENT THP Live Special Announcement: Tuesday April 7th

    Got tied up and couldn't attend today.
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    The THP Range/Practice Thread

    I hit about 50 yesterday at lunchtime. I think I am going to do that every day at lunch as much as possible since I am working from home. I use my SC300 and go through my irons and driver and once I warm up I imitate playing an actual hole. I think the thing that bugs me most is how different...
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    Cobra KING SPEEDZONE Hybrids and Fairway Woods

    My Cobra F9 3 and 5 fairways are supposed to come in today. Now my driver and fairways will be alike and hoping that may help slightly. I don't expect all that much because I know it is the person holding the shaft that makes the game, but one must have an excuse to buy clubs every now and then.
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    What course kicks your butt?

    They all do, but my local 9 hole most of all. It will "nail" me when all the rest don't and I hate to even look at my scorecard afterwards. Hilly fairways, some over water, tiny greens up on high hills (requiring high lofted wedges most of the time) makes for some serious whacking and eats my...
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    Corona Virus/COVID19: Local Impact

    At least these times will weed out the "gems" from the disrespectful haters and knuckleheads that show their true colors.
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    Lockdown Feelings: Introverts V Extroverts

    I get along fairly well with most anyone, but I am not a social butterfly and prefer being alone much more than being in a crowd. When given the choice, I always choose being alone or with very small numbers. I don't feel the need to strike up a conversation every time I see someone I don't...
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    Level Tee Boxes

    I deal with it, but some courses the Tee boxes feel like hitting from a bad lie.
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    The direction your facing on the golf course

    Directions don't seem to bother me at all. I may play the hole good one time and bad the next. I have to admit the problem is always me o_O
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    Person of Interest

    Yep, when it was on TV watched it.
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    A Gif Story

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    A Gif Story

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    ANNOUNCEMENT THP Live Special Announcement: Tuesday April 7th

    I can probably check this one out too!
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    ANNOUNCEMENT Play Augusta National with Ddec and Mward

    3 balls in the drink from the first tee :ROFLMAO:

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