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  1. Bob M

    High Handicaps and Birdies: Your Reaction

    After making my response above, I decided to check Shot Scope. My relevant data are as follows: Average score - 88.7 GIR - 22% % Birdies - 2% I had 6 birdies in the 2023 season. Thus far this season, I have only four 9-hole rounds in Shot Scope, during which I have had 1 birdie, representing...
  2. Bob M

    High Handicaps and Birdies: Your Reaction

    I'm a 20 capper and am probably good for 3-4 a whole season. In fact, I got one last week on a Par-3 via a chip-in. Three in one round is highly unlikely IMHO.
  3. Bob M

    Odyssey Ai-ONE and Ai-ONE Milled Putters Review

    Thanks. I missed this on the website and appreciate the detail on the head weights.
  4. Bob M

    Odyssey Ai-ONE and Ai-ONE Milled Putters Review

    Sorry for not searching all 121 pages... Question for those who have a Jailbird mini: (1) Does it come with a counter weight in the grip end and if so, what is the weight? and (2) Are the stock head weights 15 grams, as has been mentioned elsewhere in the thread? I am asking because I'm...
  5. Bob M

    Wedge setup with a 44* PW

    The PW from my G710s is 44*, after which I carry a 50* then a 58*. My strategy is to make the 50* the workhorse of my short game, from 60-yards to around the green. I use the 58* mostly for bunkers and chip or short pitch shots and also carry a Smart Sole 4 "C" (42*) which is good for various...
  6. Bob M

    The 60 and over Thread

    My Friday 9-hole league starts this evening!
  7. Bob M

    The 60 and over Thread

    I second the recommendation to check out Golf Mates and OMP in particular. It's a group of Brits who appear to have the times of their lives playing together. Old Man Pat is the old guy of the group who was a single digit capper when he was younger and now probably a 12 or 13. He clearly knows...
  8. Bob M

    Getting old sucks: Post your ailments

    My wife has plantar fasciitis, and I can really second the frozen water bottle. Also, she is doing calf stretches, which has helped.
  9. Bob M

    Does arthritis hurt your golf game?

    Hands, knees, right shoulder and lower back for me. It certainly hasn't helped my game, however it's pretty manageable with NSAIDS on a day-to-day basis. For this season I have switched to JumboMax XS grips, which seem like they will help a lot. Got cortisone shots in both knees last September...
  10. Bob M

    New NFL Kickoff Rules

    Seeing the XFL video (I don't watch the XFL) from X helped me visualize this change, thanks @echico for posting it. After thinking about it, I kind of like it too, although there will most likely be unintended consequences which require tweaks. Much better than eliminating the kickoff...
  11. Bob M

    Do you 6 hybrid?

    Well I did it today.....ordered a G430 7H! After several Trackman sessions this winter, I've concluded that I cannot reliably hit a 7i high enough to stop on the green so out it goes. As of now, I'm planning to gap to the 8i, and after some changes in my wedges my bag should look as follows...
  12. Bob M

    The Yellow Ball

    I've played yellow golf balls for the past several years because (i) they are easier for my old eyes to follow in the air and (ii) since not a lot of folks play them, easier to identify on the ground.
  13. Bob M

    Shot Scope X5 Watch

    I am considering replacing my G710s, now on their fourth season, and toward that aim am now testing a Sub70 699 V2 7i. Since I do not play 14 clubs, I am able to carry 2 7-irons and am wondering if, by using a different tag (in my case the X1 tag), I can track the two 7-irons separately on SS...
  14. Bob M

    Shot Scope X5 Watch

    Played my first round of the year today, 9-holes at Pinecrest in RI. My X5 worked mostly flawlessly, although it missed a couple of chips and I finished with 70% power remaining on the watch. I tried the hole view feature, which I did not find all that helpful as it didn't show distance...
  15. Bob M

    The 60 and over Thread

    I've got my new goal....39 it is!
  16. Bob M

    The 60 and over Thread

    What type of skin cancer? I've never had melanoma but have had both squamous cell and basal cell carcinomas. I've had Mohs surgery 3-times, most recently in 2019 which left an open wound in my neck about the size of a quarter that took about a month to heal. The scaring is minimal, however, as...
  17. Bob M

    The 60 and over Thread

    Played 9-holes at Pinecrest (RI) today, shooting a 9-over 44. One of my goals for this season was to "break 90" (or 45 for 9) on this course which, although fairly short is tight and has tough green complexes with great greens (a 9-holer of 2,600 yards, rating/ slope of 66.2/123), because last...
  18. Bob M

    GHIN 9-Hole Differential

    In RI, the season does not start until April 1 and my Friday evening 9-hole league starts at the end of April, so I'll be posting 9-hole scores weekly. I'll report back when I start seeing results. In the past, I've combined 9-hole rounds myself (we play alternating front/back 9s) by waiting...
  19. Bob M

    SeeMore Putters Thread

    First I've heard of a Carbon Mac putter shaft. Looks good!
  20. Bob M

    Build an "I Suck" Bag

    I've pretty much been working on mine since the '23 season ended, LOL. For the long end of my bag, I have two goals: (i) improve gapping and (ii) significantly reduce my left miss. Regarding the first goal, reviewing ShotScope data, I learned that, from the deck, the Cally 3HL (really a 4W)...