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  1. hadi05

    Recipe Healthy Buffalo Chicken Casserole

    Thank you Morgan! I’ve been looking for a recipe like this for a long time!
  2. hadi05

    Who Is Using UST Mamiya LINQ Blue?

    I had to go up 2 points to D2.
  3. hadi05

    Do you belong to any other Golf Pages/Sites?

    I only belong here. This is my family. The only place I need to be.
  4. hadi05

    Who Is Using UST Mamiya LINQ Blue?

    Check your swing weight. Made a huge difference for me.
  5. hadi05

    Sparkling water - do you do it?

    Correct answers here…. I will drink Perrier too sometimes.
  6. hadi05

    UST Mamiya LIN-Q M40X TSPX Woods

    That’s awesome! I’m really enjoying the blue as well!
  7. hadi05

    Callaway Triple Diamond MAX Driver

    My goodness after a range session today I’m completely smitten. I’m going to play a couple of rounds at D2 and D3 swing weight to see which I like the best with my golf ball.. I currently have a 14g weight in the back & 4g in front for D2 and a 14g and 6g for D3. It’s just consistent. Only...
  8. hadi05

    Callaway Triple Diamond MAX Driver

    This was 💯 me. Added a few grams to the back and I’m in business! It felt great when I tested it. It was about 5-7 yds longer and controlled. Put my shaft in it and the swing weight dropped and it was great at times and inconsistent others. Now it’s back to where it was when I tested it.
  9. hadi05

    Who Is Using UST Mamiya LINQ Blue?

    Me either. I live in KY
  10. hadi05

    Putting: How often do you mark your ball?

    Every putt except a tap in.
  11. hadi05

    Who Is Using UST Mamiya LINQ Blue?

    Now that I’ve had time with the TSPX Lin-Q blue, I completely agree with this statement. My flight is a little lower due to it being tipped. Absolutely love this shaft.
  12. hadi05

    Callaway Triple Diamond MAX Driver

    ohhh yea! I’m back now. Adding weight to the back to increase swing weight helped a ton. I’m at D3.5 and need to go to the range to figure out if I want to change anything else. Wow just wow. I’m going to the range tomorrow with my MEVO+ to see what weight configuration works best. Very...
  13. hadi05

    New Callaway Opus Wedges Hit Tour

    Really excited! These look so good!!! Very excited to see what comes of it. If they improve on the JAWS Raw, they will immediately go in the bag. The article asked if I were a JAWS Raw user and what grinds are my favorite. I have a 54*W, 58*Z and 60*Z bent to 62*. The Z grind is...
  14. hadi05

    Pet Peeve: Golf Course Flyovers

    Give me a drone video please!
  15. hadi05

    UST Mamiya DART V TSPX Iron Shafts

    Glad to see these shafts getting installed more and more in iron sets. They aren’t for everybody, but they are pretty special!
  16. hadi05

    Callaway Triple Diamond MAX Driver

    So, I was hitting it well and then put it in my shaft and that changed the swing weight. I’ve been a little inconsistent with my strikes. When I hit it well it’s perfect! Otherwise it’s a little too much on the draw side. I’m hoping the added weight brings it back around.
  17. hadi05

    Callaway Triple Diamond MAX Driver

    Just to be absolutely certain, I put an iron on there that I know is D2.5 and it was D2.5. This really explains a lot.
  18. hadi05

    Callaway Triple Diamond MAX Driver

    Figured out what was wrong. Put it on swing weight scale and I’m D0! That’s not desirable with a 6F5 UST shaft. Once my weights come in I’ll look at adding some mass to get me to D2 to D4.
  19. hadi05

    What is your height and putter length?

    6’1 and 32.5”. I have short legs and long arms & torso