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  1. OldandStiff

    Have you ever damaged a golf cart?

    Couple times. Pretty innocently. Once just driving the cart path and the other turning a corner at the left edge of a fairway. And both pretty much ruined the cart. The course tore them apart. Yet the time I drive right into a decorative steel post dedicated to a course founder the cart acts...
  2. OldandStiff

    PING Blueprint Irons Lineup

    Players irons and blades don't get that treatment as much. I like when other companies do it though.
  3. OldandStiff

    EXPERIENCE The 2024 Victory Cup with Mizuno Golf

    Unreal. I usually like that guy! I've never seen him jam up an OEM like that. Mind is unofficially blown. But I'm excited for the Victory Cup crew and we who get to follow.
  4. OldandStiff


    I would have liked to see a 3rd season. The obsessed ruin it for everyone else.
  5. OldandStiff

    Muffins - pick 2

    Apple Cinnamon and pumpkin please.
  6. OldandStiff

    NEWS Equipment Survey

    Did it this morning and it was brutal to see it laid out like that.
  7. OldandStiff

    New Titleist GT Drivers Hit Tour

    Good stuff! What did you think of the sound? So much of what they did was to maintain a certain sound. Looks like you came out firing, and maybe got a little too aggressive on the second swing, but those are pretty tight sets. Did GT3 come off as more or less forgiving for how you hit it...
  8. OldandStiff

    USAF Retired WITB

    This. Badass setup dude. 👍🏻
  9. OldandStiff

    WITB : mtbloco

    No just 4i off the tee on it. 😆
  10. OldandStiff

    WITB : mtbloco

    That's a good looking pile of clubs!! Knowing how high you don't hit your mid irons though, seeing that 19* Smoke 4i made me sprain something in my face I think. 😆
  11. OldandStiff

    Share your golf tan

    Here's the thing. I'm so tan it seeps into the areas that don't even see the sun. Plus I wear flops when I'm not working. So I'm brown all over.
  12. OldandStiff

    What golf stuff did you buy today?

    Those showed up, but I'd like to remind that the V1x have been "Coming Soon" for FAR too long.
  13. OldandStiff

    No yardage markers, no range finder, no GPS

    Oh I'd crush it at this. Depth perception is my strong suit.
  14. OldandStiff

    Callaway Opus Wedges

    I'm going to slowly get into the nuts and bolts of my experience with them. First time I got to really hit one was indoor. The black 54 I've mentioned. Loved the color, liked the shaping, and was numbers curious so went right to the quad to get some numbers along with the feels. Bent my...
  15. OldandStiff

    Olukaii Makena Golf shoes

    They make a bunch actually. I've been wearing some of their golf shoes as daily shoes for a few years now in think. I'm sure I've made threads about them. It's a brand I've enjoyed across the shoe and sandal spectrum for a while.
  16. OldandStiff

    Olukaii Makena Golf shoes

    How do you measure this?
  17. OldandStiff

    Olukaii Makena Golf shoes

    😆 They do not squeak!! Yet..
  18. OldandStiff

    Olukaii Makena Golf shoes

    I spotted this a little while back and ended up grabbing a pair of those two colors each. TPU and waterproof so right up my alley, and comfortable. A bit sporty and versatile too. Golf shoes have been running large this year overall imo and I've seen a lot of sizing down, but I'm generally...
  19. OldandStiff

    Mizuno Pro 24X Irons - 241, 243, 245

    Interesting watch on some underappreciated irons. They scored higher than T150 on some things.