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  1. Browndog

    Do You Wear Cotton?

    No. I don’t wear cotton anymore.
  2. Browndog


    I love to practice chipping and I agree with @Par5n2. A quick and fun couple of drills that I like to do when practicing my chipping is to lay a golf towel on the practice green and first try to have the ball finish on the towel. Then the next thing is to have the ball hit the towel on the...
  3. Browndog

    The Stack System

    I’ve also been on an extended break from the Stack System. Was looking forward to hitting it hard like last year while at my place in Wisconsin but it hasn’t worked out that way. Not sure how I did it but I have somehow either bruised a rib or strained one of the muscles where the ribs connect...
  4. Browndog


    Cool temps right now in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Leaving here on Sunday. A couple days in Chicago to visit the In laws and then home to Coastal Georgia for a week before heading to Denver.
  5. Browndog

    Worst fry version?

    Amen brother! Not a fan of the crinkle cut fries.
  6. Browndog

    Do you purge or hang on?

    Some of both. Some stuff I will never get rid of like my Morgan Cup bag and set of clubs. But, at the moment I probably have too much stuff and this thread is a good reminder that I need to clean out my stash.
  7. Browndog

    EXPERIENCE The 2024 Morgan Cup – Sponsored by Cobra Golf

    The Morgan Cup left an indelible mark on me, from the day I learned I was a participant until now. The bonding of both teams during the pre event video calls and the road trip leading up to the Morgan Cup was remarkable. The first practice round in Memphis at the Colonial Country club was...
  8. Browndog bother you?

    There were two foursomes of Senior women playing ahead of us today and they were also walking. I mentioned the other day how I struggle sometimes with waiting. It definitely affected me today. I could never get into a good rhythm on the front nine having to wait on each shot. Played...
  9. Browndog

    EXPERIENCE The 2024 Morgan Cup – Sponsored by Cobra Golf

    Are Morgan Cup first tee jitters real? They were for me. Despite playing a lot of tournament golf leading up to the Morgan Cup and also being a fairly regular cigar smoker I was surprised on the second tee when after hitting my tee shot I put my cigar back in my mouth with the burning end...
  10. Browndog bother you?

    Hard to get into a rhythm when you are waiting on every shot. Worse is when you are waiting and there is a group behind you pushing too. I’m trying to improve upon my ability to handle slow play. Playing in tournaments invariably means slower than normal rounds. Being able to play your best...
  11. Browndog

    How Vain Are You with Equipment?

    I have certainly been guilty of choosing clubs based on how they look or feel especially if performance is otherwise similar. I’ve also probably suffered a little bit from a fear of missing out on something new. But, changing clubs frequently over the past few years made me realize that I...
  12. Browndog

    CONTEST The Ultimate Club Champion Fitting Giveaway

    Good luck to all who enter! A full bag fitting can be really game changing. I’m at a point at the moment where I feel like most of my clubs are pretty well dialed in and so will pass on this opportunity. Will follow along though to see how the process goes for the lucky winner.
  13. Browndog

    Tour Edge Exotics Wingman Wedges Review

    Played with my buddy today that I gave the Wingman 56 S/D degree wedge to. He loves it! He hit some great shots with it. Both full shots and for around the greens. Perfect for him out of bunkers too. The 14 degrees of bounce works so well for him. He was raving about it. So happy to see...
  14. Browndog

    Say something positive about your latest round

    Was invited to and got to play with a new group of guys yesterday.
  15. Browndog

    Describe Srixon Golf

    Srixon to me is the better player brand within a brand under the broader golf ball and golf equipment company. But there is some crossover with Cleveland and to a smaller extent XXIO. Overall the multiple brand strategy with sub brands Srixon, XXIO, Cleveland and Dunlop can be confusing and the...
  16. Browndog

    EXPERIENCE The 2024 Titleist Experience

    Looks like Titleist has something to be genuinely proud of. Hearing good things from people that I know and trust that have gotten fit recently for the GT. Apparently the new GT has gotten the full Aerodynamic treatment and that is leading to some increases in club head and ball speed for...
  17. Browndog

    Do you Home Chef?

    I’m heavy but I identify as thin. So I guess I am transslender. 😝
  18. Browndog

    Minnesota & Wisconsin Thread

    Playing at Turtleback in Rice Lake, WI today with a group from Hayward. Haven’t heard anything recently from any THPers about playing together. Sorry it didn’t work out this year.