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  1. TJRyska

    Hatch golf

    Are you surprised they haven’t sold out?
  2. TJRyska

    Did You Own This Basketball?

    I did not. I was only 15 months old. I didn't get into basketball until I was at least 5. :ROFLMAO:
  3. TJRyska

    SWAG Putters Thread

  4. TJRyska

    SWAG Putters Thread

  5. TJRyska

    Which Sandwich Are You?

  6. TJRyska

    ANNOUNCEMENT Congrats: You Just Won a Club Champion Fitting and Full Bag of Clubs

    Congrats @Jank! What a giveaway!! I hope THP does this again in the future. Very neat!
  7. TJRyska

    NEWS LA Golf to Release Bryson Driver in 2025

    I wish I had a copy of this Golf Digest magazine
  8. TJRyska

    NEWS LA Golf to Release Bryson Driver in 2025

    I wonder if Krank Golf will be involved at all?
  9. TJRyska

    Make your Ping G425 max (or g410 plus) driver even more forgiving!

    Any change in your average distance?
  10. TJRyska

    Tour Event 2024 British Open Contest and Thread Sponsored by Shot Scope

    I'm going with Bryson Dechambeau and I'd like the X5. Thanks for the opportunity!
  11. TJRyska

    Revolve Golf blade putter

    Revolve Golf dropping a new putter. Don’t know much about them. Might be associated with Harry Taylor. Guessing some of y’all might know more.
  12. TJRyska

    Toulon Escape from Alcatraz

    I don't believe they are small batch. Priced about the same as the original Alcatraz putters. These are just blacked out.
  13. TJRyska

    How do people make massive over the top work ?

    See that’s exactly what I’m working on changing up in my swing. I’ve always tried to play a draw but I’m sick and tired of my hook miss. So working on a slight OTT move to start playing a fade/cut.
  14. TJRyska

    Haywood golf clubs

    Two new sets of irons from Haywood. SV.2's and PD.1's
  15. TJRyska

    Ben Hogan Golf Instagram Hacked

    Was it you?
  16. TJRyska

    Are you brand loyal?

    Not really. I replace clubs in stages mostly. If I get a new driver, I do not automatically replace all my woods. I normally do not have the cash to do that. So, I like to try out new stuff when I'm looking to replace a club and I go with the best equipment for my game at that time.
  17. TJRyska

    Bryson DeChambeau Thread

    Yeah I recall reading that there was a Bryson DeChambeau Foundation. Not sure if it is still around or not.