1. TM_Bobby723

    Hilton head golf

    Hey all - three buddies and I are taking trip to Hilton Head in September 2019. This is a 7 day trip (we're driving, so 1 day driving there, 5 days golfing, 1 day driving home) and we're staying @ Coral Sands Resort. We are looking for suggestions for any "MUST PLAY" courses out there. Once...
  2. TM_Bobby723

    WTB - TaylorMade Driver Heads

    Hey all - I'm trying to put together a history of all the TaylorMade drivers I have played over the years. I'm looking for 9.5 or 10.5 lofted heads in decent shape, at least. I've seen these all on ebay, but I figured I would check here to see does anyone have these they'd let go at a fair...
  3. TM_Bobby723


    Who all on here works with an Instructor/Teacher on a regular basis? I have a few friends who are PGA Professionals/Instructors and I've had a quick 15 minute lesson here or there to tweak a few things when I was struggling, but nothing on a regular basis. That being said, I'm basically a self...
  4. TM_Bobby723

    FS: TaylorMade PSI w/ProjectX LZ

    TaylorMade PSI 4-PW w/ProjectX LZ 5.5 115g shafts. These shafts have been PURE'd. There's only 10 rounds on these heads and I haven't played these irons since they've been reshafted. They were reshafted by my friend @ Club Champion in Willowbrook, IL. using new Golf Pride Tour Velvets. They are...
  5. TM_Bobby723

    Whistling Straits/Blackwolf

    So who has played here and possibly stayed here? A good friend of mine is planning a little bachelor weekend golf getaway for me. There's some nice packages available and we're looking at the stay/play package that includes a round on Whistling Straits and a round on The Meadow Valleys @...
  6. TM_Bobby723

    In round "games" we play while we golf

    So, I'm listening to the "Fore Play" golf podcast on PodcastOne while I work today. They have a segment where listeners send in games/game ideas to play during a round. Here are a few examples... "Three Putt" -If you 3 putt, you must pay all other players in the game for each 3 putt. The dollar...
  7. TM_Bobby723

    TaylorMade adds 6 players to Tour Staff

    Smylie Kaufman Paul Casey Seung-Yul Noh Nick Watney Kyle Stanley Jon Curran Each of the players are specifically signed to use TaylorMade metal woods.
  8. TM_Bobby723

    Srixon Z 765 irons

    So, this past weekend, I went for a fitting to see my buddy Kyle @ Club Champion (Willowbrook, IL. location) to get my PSi irons and the rest of my bag all dialed in. While there, I took the opportunity to hit a bunch of other irons. GOOD GOD are the Srixon Z 765 the ABSOLUTE BEST irons I have...
  9. TM_Bobby723

    Project X flexes - 6.0 vs. 6.5

    How much of a difference is there really between the 6.0 and the 6.5? I know one is a S flex and the other is an X flex. In the PX 95 Flighted shafts, they have the same gram weight of 106. Just curious because I have a set coming with the 6.5's and I'm used to gaming the 6.0's the last 3...
  10. TM_Bobby723

    TaylorMade Customer Service - Warranty

    I just got off the phone with TaylorMade's customer service about a warranty issue. Last weekend while @ TopGolf, I noticed what appears to be a crack starting near the bottom groove of my RSi2 4 iron. I explained the situation, sent a quick picture (attached) and since they don't stock RSi2...
  11. TM_Bobby723

    Project X 95 Flighted

    I have gamed these shafts in the last 2 iron sets I've had. Looking on the Project X website, I'm not seeing these listed. Are they still being made orrrrr?
  12. TM_Bobby723

    WTB - Looking for TaylorMade adapted shafts

    Hey all - Just looking for some low launch / low spin stiff (possible x-stiff) flex shafts in the mid-60's to mid-70's weight range. Hopefully built to play @ 45" - 45.5" with TaylorMade adaptors for play in my M1/M2.
  13. TM_Bobby723

    How many drivers have you owned?

    Can you remember all the drivers you have ever owned & played? Here's a list of what I can remember... TaylorMade Burner Bubble TaylorMade Burner Bubble Titanium TaylorMade Ti Bubble 2 TaylorMade R580 TaylorMade R7 425 TaylorMade R7 Superquad TaylorMade Tour Burner TaylorMade R9 TaylorMade R11s...
  14. TM_Bobby723

    Lead tape on wedges

    The new Vokey wedges coming out with 3 models with supposed 3 different centers of gravity kinda got me thinking.... Has anyone tried lead tape on the back of their wedges to kinda alter the CG? If so, did you notice a difference in peak ball flight/feel....and how many pieces of tape did you use?
  15. TM_Bobby723

    What is your dream foursome and on what course?

    If you had to pick 3 golfers (alive or dead) to fill out a foursome, who would you pick and what course would you play? It would be me, Bobby Jones, Payne Stewart and Phil Mickelson playing Augusta. I'd have my dad caddy for me so he could be there, too. I know picking Augusta is kinda...
  16. TM_Bobby723

    Wtb - stiff shaft that would fit into sldr

    I'm posting this for a good friend who's not on here yet... Looking for a stiff shaft that will fit into the TaylorMade SLDR. All options are open starting from the "stock" stiff shaft to any used "premium" type shafts. He's a low ball hitter, so maybe something with higher launch. His max...
  17. TM_Bobby723

    Dirt Late Model Racing

    Anyone else into dirt racing? Specifically dirt late models? Here's a few examples... Highlights from the 2015 World 100 @ Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, Ohio. I've been going to this race every year since 1995... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShllG3Zw4es Highlights of the 2015 Prairie Dirt...
  18. TM_Bobby723

    Where to play in Nashville?

    Hey guys, I'm helping my buddy's wife plan a 40th birthday weekend trip for him. I'm looking for suggestions on nice courses to play in/around Nashville. We're looking to play 3 days, Fri-Sun, so giving a few suggestions would be really helpful. Thanks!
  19. TM_Bobby723

    What created your brand loyalty?

    I was having this discussion with a few of my golf buddies today over lunch. So at the thread title says, "what created your brand loyalty?" I mean, you don't have to have a full bag of one brand, but maybe a majority or your first preference? For me, it started in high school when I was 15. I...
  20. TM_Bobby723

    Fitting Center Membership

    Hey guys, this question was asked of me today by a good buddy of mine & I figured I'd see if I could get some input from more golfers... "What would you be willing to pay/feel a fair price would be for monthly access to a fitting center (like a TaylorMade Performance Lab for example), where you...

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