1. Andrew808

    pro vs amateur scoring

    I‘m a high handicapper but actually kinda get where the OP is coming from. When I was really into pool and was in a billiards league for a couple years, it WAS kinda irritating when a low-level player took forever to hit his/her shot. It holds up all the other matches, and the player usually...
  2. Andrew808

    Weight shift causing inconsistencies

    To be fair, he never actually said “weight shift” until I mentioned it. He was more focused on orienting the path of the club in transition and downswing, and what my hips were doing, I loosely (and maybe mistakenly) translated that into weight shift. Thanks for the videos and explanations, I...
  3. Andrew808

    2020 Better You Fitness Thread

    Back pain is gone, thanks for asking! Steady diet of yoga, chiro and not overdoing it at the golf range has cleared it up. I’m trying to stay up with fitness, but work has been really stressful lately so I’ve been remiss in doing my morning yoga and meditation, and also missing some cardio...
  4. Andrew808

    Trying to follow the rules but what would you do here?

    I hit it into a bunker, then muffed that shot. Ended up with a triple, I think Anyhoo I’m at least glad this thread stoked some discussion, it’s been really interesting to read...
  5. Andrew808

    Finding Motivation to Improve

    For me, the worst feeling is when I really commit to getting better, get lessons, put in the practice, etc.... then inexplicably seem to get worse. I’ve been practicing my chipping and putting every day for at least an hour or two. It goes well on the practice greens. Then when I play a round...
  6. Andrew808

    Weight shift causing inconsistencies

    This sounds a lot like me. I didn't do a weight shift when I started taking golf more seriously because, well hell, I had enough problems in my swing and didn’t want to introduce another factor. I think I’d like to try to address it now though. Thanks everyone for their suggestions, I’ll try...
  7. Andrew808

    Weight shift causing inconsistencies

    I had a golf lesson last week and identified that part of my OTT issue was a lack of weight shift in my swing - my hips weren’t moving forward at all on the downswing, they were actually moving a couple inches back. I’m doing the weight transfer drills recommended by my instructor but yesterday...
  8. Andrew808

    How did golf change your life for the better?

    I started taking lessons in 2018 and taking it more seriously so I could play golf with my dad, who was obsessed with golf. Unfortunately he passed last year but we got in a couple great dad-son bonding rounds before. Now I’m really excited to play with my kids as they get older. My son shows...
  9. Andrew808

    What Golf Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Had a golf lesson and got some great tips and drills that may finally get me from coming OTT. Plan to work on it this week at the range and at home...
  10. Andrew808

    Over the Top - the importance of the instructor

    I have a slight OTT that my instructor identified. Doing 1/4 and 1/2 swings, I have a nice inside-out swing. My slow-motion and practice swing looks good. But as soon as I do a full or 3/4 swing with a ball there, somehow it always goes back to OTT. I’m close giving up that I’ll ever be able to...
  11. Andrew808

    When did you start playing in club tournaments /matchplay and blitz?

    I’ve thought about joining a club but a couple things have given me pause: - I like to go play when I feel like it and don’t want to be put on a schedule - I’ve joined leagues for other hobbies before and it’s kinda sucked all the fun out of it. Like I used to be really into billiards (still...
  12. Andrew808

    2019 NFL Thread

    Not really a Raiders fan but seeing as they’re coming to where I live, I’d love to see him sign here. I’d get a chance to attend a game to see one of the greatest QBs ever play Feels like its been forever for the game to come but am starting to get really amped up for this Sunday. I hope to see...
  13. Andrew808

    Texas Wedge, When And Where Do You Use It

    I should use it more since my chipping and pitching are not good. But then my putting is even worse so it’s kind of a pick your poison
  14. Andrew808

    How many balls do you lose an 18 hole round? This is probably for higher cappers.

    I probably lose one or two on average. I have a fade on my driver that sometimes I can’t justify calling a fade and is just an outright slice that rears it’s head a couple times a round. That’s when I lose my ball 90% of the time
  15. Andrew808

    Finding balls when you play.

    I don’t because I did once, and then the guy drove up looking for his ball which he had mishit from a different hole. I gave it back to him and apologized and now don’t pick up any I find while playing However I do walk my pups every morning at 5am and we usually walk thru 2-3 holes on the...
  16. Andrew808

    Golf Galaxy Driver Fitting

    I’ve gotten a fitting at Golftec and yeah, I wasn’t very impressed. None of the clubs I tried performed better than my 10+ year old hand-me-down Honmas from my dad. I think it was more me though, I just didn’t have a very good swing when I had the fitting done. I feel like a fitting doesn’t...
  17. Andrew808

    Can't stop going over the top

    I struggle with a slight over-the-top action as well and this bit of advice seemed to really click for me so thanks very much for writing this, Played 9 today and really focused on this and seemed to be hitting the ball much more solid. Hopefully it “sticks”!
  18. Andrew808

    2020 Better You Fitness Thread

    My wife does OMAD. That’s a little too extreme for me but I join her in doing 16:8 IF for three or four times a week. Been doing it for a year now and have also gotten my father-in-law and brother-in-law to do it and we’re all seeing good results. I‘m keeping up with my yoga/meditation for 15...
  19. Andrew808

    The Pets Thread

    Favorite picture of my girl. Have no idea how the bird knew she wouldn't hurt her. They actually touched beak to nose but I missed that photo OP
  20. Andrew808

    The Pets Thread

    My two biggest obsessions in life

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