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    pace of play quicker

    Any one who played this weekend notice a quicker pace of play due to the courses mandating 1 rider per cart? I played Friday and Saturday and our round Friday was at 3 hrs and Saturdays round was 3:20. Maybe one rider per cart may be the answer to a quicker pace of play.
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    Played like Tiger the other day

    ....and 4 putted. It was the only time my golf game was comparable to Tiger's and it felt good.
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    putting with the pin in pace of play

    Will it really pick up the pace? For us the hackers not the pro's. Is the group on the green done? The pin is in, we good to go? No wait, one guy just pulled the pin. No wait another guy just put in in to putt. They are done, go ahead and hit. I think they are all done....opps!! Sorry we saw...
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    Who can play when sick?

    I know I can't. I have no concentration or focus. No matter how hard I try and think I do....nope! Tried to play Wednesday in my golf league. Had 3 ob and 2 unplayables on the way to a 13 over 48. Usually I shoot 38-40. Was going to play today with my one brother but figured I'd save my money...
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    First tee ball

    On the first tee do you tee up and brand new ball or do you tee up a previously used ball? If the course has no range where I can warm up and the first hole has trouble off the first tee I hit a used ball. Nothing worse than piping a brand new ball right into trouble. Now if I get a breakfast...
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    Putting-seeing the opposite

    This year a lot of putts I am reading are the opposite of the actual break from anything longer than 10'. Even going to the other side of the hole doesn't help because I see it breaking the same way when standing behind the ball when it should be the opposite. Last week I was in a tourney and...
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    Greg Norman shirts- horrible

    Wore a new shirt today and it was the most restrictive golf shirt I ever wore and yep it was the correct size. Pretty much ruined a round of golf due to not being comfortable. Had a whole routine to get the shirt ready so I can swing. Half way through the round I remembered why I no longer...
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    Range finder and gps sale

    Don't know if I'm allowed to post links like this but Woot has rangefinders and gps on sale. http://sport.woot.com/plus/golf-gps-units-and-rangefinders?ref=cnt_wp_8
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    Driving range and the wind

    Hit the range this morning and there is a left to right wind about 15-20 mph with gusts over 30. Talk about getting mental about the swing. It was pretty useless being there as the wind effected everything. At first I started making adjustments and then stopped in fear of really screwing things...
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    Green side bunker

    How many tell their playing partners "heads up" when hitting out of the bunker?
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    Going down hill fast-pain

    Went from playing pretty good last year (consistent 80-81) , starting this season good but recently it's all going downhill. (shooting high 80's-low 90's) I have been very busy at work (contractor) and I have pain in my right elbow and pain in my hands at my knuckles. I keep denying that this is...
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    Eye on the ball

    When you look at the ball do you look at the top of the ball or the back of the ball when about to hit a shot? When teeing off do you put words up or mark up or just plop it on the tee and hit away? When putting, where do you look at the ball, top or back? Are words, lines, marks up or just hit...
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    new here from PA

    Hello everyone, Found this site after a member on a fishing forum posted a link to it. Been golfing for over 30 years. Like fishing there are the good days and the bad days and then once in a while you get the holy crap what a great day day. Those are the days that keep us coming back. Looking...

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