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    Honma XP-1 Irons

    If anyone can show comparison pics and test these against the Titleist T200s, that would be great.
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    Wedge set up with a 48° Gap Wedge

    I currently have a 50° gap wedge in my iron set. I'm thinking about buying the new Titleist AP3s, which would change my gap wedge loft to 48°. With my current irons I use a 54/58 wedge setup. I'm considering going 52/58 with the AP3s. I'd like to hear from others that have a 48° GW and find...
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    Srixon Z 545 vs Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Drivers

    I've got my 2015 driver choice pretty much narrowed down to the Z545 or the Alpha 815. I will be trying them out in a couple of weeks, but if anyone has hit these two drivers, I would like to hear your thoughts comparing them on distance, spin, forgiveness, feel, sound, etc. I will post some...
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    Recoil 670 - F4 Shafts in Z545 Irons?

    Has anyone had any experience with Recoil 670 - F4 Shafts? I am going to be purchasing a set of Z545 irons soon and I was going to get Nippon Modus 120s in them, but on a lunch break today I stopped into a PGA Tour Super Store and they had a Z545 - 6 iron with this shaft in it and it really...
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    Srixon Z545 Irons Swing Weight Question - Please Help

    Before I start with my issue, I want to say what a great community this is and give kudos to all those that go over and above to offer help and assistance. I am a fairly new registered member, but have read the reviews and forum discussions for years, and I think it is awesome when someone asks...

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