1. miparman

    Adidas CodeChaos Golf Shoes

    In one word “ugly”. They are made of recycled plastic. Thats the hook. Looks like someone knitted them. YMMV
  2. miparman

    Adidas CodeChaos Golf Shoes

    Nope if you do a Google search for Prime Blue Code Chaos they show up. Carls Golfland here in Mi shows em being in stock. I'll be there on Wed so I'm going to check them out.
  3. miparman

    Adidas CodeChaos Golf Shoes

    Hold the presses. LOL. I just came across this. I stand corrected. Although IMHO they look worse in these pics. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Adidas-Mens-Codechaos-Primeblue-Golf-Shoes/333531993544?hash=item4da80e55c8:m:mFZ6eSaAu5Uv_KZcKTP-aww
  4. miparman

    Adidas CodeChaos Golf Shoes

    Those are women's shoes. https://www.budgetgolf.com/adidas-ladies-le-codechaos-prime-blue-spikeless-golf-shoes-white-sharp-blue.html
  5. miparman

    Looking For This Hat

    Understood but I thought why not give it a shot?
  6. miparman

    Looking For This Hat

    Forgot the pic. See the OP. Thanks
  7. miparman

    Looking For This Hat

    My Grandson is a HUGE Schauffele fan (why? who knows the mind of a 16 year old) and I want to surprise him with one of these hats if possible. Anyone have an idea where to find one? Forgot the pic. LOL.
  8. miparman

    WTB T.P Mills Putters

    Looking for T.P Mills putters. Primarily looking for a SofTails, Tradtions, Klassics or Fleetwoods. Flow necks only. Carbon steel or SS. LMK what you've got. PM me. Thanks
  9. miparman

    WTB T.P Mills SofTtail

    Searching for a T.P Mills SofTtail putter. PM me
  10. miparman

    WTB T P Mills Putters

    If you have one to move PM me
  11. miparman

    Callaway Epic Irons

    Since the price seems to be going down on these irons I'm thinking of picking up a set. If anyone has actually played these irons could you share your experience as too distance, forgiveness, playability and such?
  12. miparman

    WTB Ping G400 Iron Set R Flex Graphite

    WTB a Ping G400 iron set, r flex graphite, std loft and length. Black color code. In a perfect world 5 thru Uw. Pm me.
  13. miparman

    WTb Callaway Epic 9* Driver R Flex Sub Zero

    Looking for a 9* Callaway Epic driver reg or Sub Zero. R flex shafts. PM me.
  14. miparman

    WTB 9* Ping G400 Max

    Looking foir a Ping G400 9* Max driver. Would prefer head only but will consider complete club.
  15. miparman

    WTB Ping Tour 65 Gram Reg Flex Driver Shaft

    Interested in a Ping Tour 65 shaft in R flex for use in my G400 head. Should be driver length and un tipped 2017 model. PM me
  16. miparman

    WTB T.P Mills Putters

    Looking for T.P Mills putters. PM me with what you have.
  17. miparman

    Ping G Series Irons 5 Thru GW R Flex

    1. Nice set of Ping G Series irons used for half a season. Set consists of the 5 iron thru GW. All std lofts and lengths, Black Color Code and all serial numbers match obviously. Swing weights are D2 throughout the set. Shafts are Pings AWT's in reg flex. Grips are fresh GP CP2 Wraps Midsize. I...

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