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    SWAG Putters Thread

    What’s everyone’s take on using a Swag headcover with a non-swag putter? Is that a no-no or do people do it? I have 2-3 Swag headcovers that I want to potentially put to use but no Swag putters yet. Would it be odd using the defaced Franklin cover on a Scotty Cameron putter? Haha
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    Scotty Cameron putters

    Are you talking about the ones that say to email some pawn email in the item description? I came across those and figured it had to be some sort of scam. Claiming to be selling all kinds of tour putters for $1700.
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    George Gankas

    All the flat brim hat comments are tad baffling to me. Never knew a hat style could ruffle so many feathers Haha Gankas is an incredible teacher of the golf swing regardless of his hat selection.
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    George Gankas

    I’m a huge fan of Gankas. He’s unique and teaches things his way. He doesn’t care if people bash it or don’t agree with it. He’s still going to keep doing what he’s doing. Would love to see his prodigy Matt Wolff take off on tour. Such a unique but mesmerizing swing. As for my own swing, I’ve...
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    Your Putter Tolerances

    I have toyed around with different lengths in recent years so I think I’d notice if something was shorter or longer than the 34” I’ve seemed to settle on. As for weight, I also think it’d need to get to a 10 gram or so difference before I noticed a big change. The lie angle is what I think I...
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    Odyssey White Hot Pro 3 neck vs Newport 2.5

    Do you have any info on the neck characteristics though? Such as toe flow and offset? They look to have slightly different characteristics and cosmetically, the Newport seems to have a tad more bend maybe in the neck as Scorpion12 mentioned. But I’m intrigued to find out more on the odyssey neck...
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    Odyssey White Hot Pro 3 neck vs Newport 2.5

    Quick question: can anyone explain what, if any, the difference is between the neck on the Odyssey White Hot Pro #3 vs the Newport 2.5 pre-2020 aside from a slightly different cosmetic look? Are they the same toe flow and offset, etc? Any information is appreciated!
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    Putter shaft poll

    Steel chrome is what I use in majority of my putters. I do like a steel black putter shaft on a black putter. However, I’ll admit I’ve never used a graphite putter shaft. I’ve been considering the LA golf graphite putter shaft but haven’t made any moves just yet.
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    Scotty Super Rats

    The circle T with the crown on the face and the dancing Cameron on the back were huge selling points for me. Will the stamps make me hole more putts? Probably not but you can bet I’ll be confident holding this bad boy over the ball.
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    Scotty Super Rats

    I recently traded a Super Rat (and a small amount of cash) for a CT Timeless NP2 SSS. The Super Rat was awesome looking and I do love the GSS insert but the NP2 shape just always wins me over. And I really wanted a fully milled CT with unique stamps that you can’t find OTR to actually game since...
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    Brandon Matthew Putters

    Really like his work. May dabble in something depending on his price points. Will admit I’m torn on what to think about his logo, as it’s almost the exact same as Brooks Koepka’s logo
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    How many putters do you rotate through?

    I have around 10 putters total. However, a number of them are new since the last golf season. Last year, I mainly used a Toulon Garage San Diego. This year was going to be a dead heat between the Toulon, Carbon Putters Ringo proto, Scotty Cameron Special Select NP2, and most recently a Scotty...
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    Bettinardi Big League Chew

    Not a huge fan, personally. Looks cheesy to me and can’t see myself ever using a primarily white headcover. Admittedly, I’m not much of a baseball guy though so I don’t have much of a connection with Big League Chew.
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    Scotty Cameron putters

    I appreciate it! I’ll keep that in mind. I found a thread on the Cameron collector that compared fakes to real CT headcovers and confirmed the one I was looking at is fake. It’s crazy what some people do and try to pass off as legitimate.
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    Scotty Cameron putters

    Thank you. I joined there a few years ago but didn’t really like the layout of the board so I never bothered going back. Forgot about that place. I’ll have to check it out again and see what I can find.
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    Scotty Cameron putters

    Has anyone come across fake CT headcovers and know the best way to spot the fake? Have found some deals on a few CT headcovers that seem too good to be true so I’m assuming they’re not legit. But not sure what to look for that might confirm their illegitimacy.
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    Scott Redman Concepts

    Really cool designs. I’m a fan. Definitely unique.
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    Lets talk putter grips, what do you use?

    My favorite grip is a Scotty Cameron pistolero CT version. Someone more knowledgeable than me might be able to give more insight but it feels wayyyy more soft than their standard pistolero. Would gladly take one of your hands if anyone wants to sell me another haha I have one but it’s not for my...
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    Putter shaft - KBS CT Tour

    I have the KBS CT Tour putter shaft in one of my putters and I’m a big fan of it. Can definitely tell a difference between that shaft and the one’s in my other putters. Very intrigued by the new shaft options but have never been a big fan of the stroke lab for some reason. Looking forward to the...
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    Rickie Using LAGP Putter Shaft

    Is Rickie’s LAGP shaft different than the one Kevin Na and Bryson DeChambeau use? If so, how does it differ and will it be available at retail? Thanks!

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