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    Odyssey White Hot Pro 3 neck vs Newport 2.5

    Quick question: can anyone explain what, if any, the difference is between the neck on the Odyssey White Hot Pro #3 vs the Newport 2.5 pre-2020 aside from a slightly different cosmetic look? Are they the same toe flow and offset, etc? Any information is appreciated!
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    Best place to buy a headcover rack?

    Continuing to get the basement fixed up and the next project is a headcover rack. There’s a ton on eBay that look solid for around $200 but not sure on their quality or what type of deal that is. Do any of you all have a nice headcover rack and if so, any recommendations on where to buy? Looks...
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    My Custom Carbon Putter Experience

    So back in August I was in Denver for a bachelor Party and decided I had to make a stop into the Carbon Putters shop. I’ve always been intrigued by them but never had the chance to try them out and figured there’d be no better place to try them than the actual workshop. I messaged them on...
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    For Sale Scotty Cameron T22 Newport

    Initially, the Newport version of the Scotty Cameron T22 is all I could get my hands on even though my eye prefers the Newport 2. Well fast forward and I’ve gotten my hands on a Newport 2 so now I am selling the Newport. Putter is essentially brand new. Stickers still on club head, plastic on...

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