1. Andrew808

    Weight shift causing inconsistencies

    I had a golf lesson last week and identified that part of my OTT issue was a lack of weight shift in my swing - my hips weren’t moving forward at all on the downswing, they were actually moving a couple inches back. I’m doing the weight transfer drills recommended by my instructor but yesterday...
  2. Andrew808

    Anyone here game Titleist AP3 irons?

    And care to give their opinion on them? I’ve decided it’s time to get new irons after using my dads hand-me-downs the last couple years and losing the 3, 4 and now my PW (yeah I’m an idiot) and am looking hard at these. Of course I‘m going to go to my local golf store to try them out and see if...
  3. Andrew808

    Does every putter have a sweet spot or is it mostly subjective?

    I’m wondering because I bought a Ping Anser 2 putter last year before I really knew what I was doing, golf-wise. I needed a putter and read some great reviews and so figured it was a solid purchase. I thought it was perfectly fine and functional, but the other day before playing a twilight...
  4. Andrew808

    Trying to follow the rules but what would you do here?

    My tee shot ended up on some gravel but not OB. Me, lately trying to follow the rules as best I can to get a true gauge of my ability, played it and got two nicks on the bottom edge of my brand new (less than 2 weeks of use) Mack Daddy 52 wedge. Now I’m super pissed off at myself. I think next...
  5. Andrew808

    Question about handicap etiquette

    Do you post your round scores to GHIN no matter how bad your round went or do you let one or two slide? For example, I shot a 102 today. It was one of those days where I didn’t even play that bad but virtually every drive found water or sand. Hey that’s the way it bounces sometimes. Anyways, I...
  6. Andrew808

    Anyone else experience back pain?

    I’m constantly fighting back pain and am getting pretty frustrated as I’m not that old (34). Currently am fighting a stinger/pinched nerve in my back that makes it hard to even turn. What sucks is I have this whole month off from work and had planned to play 3-4x a week and to really focus and...
  7. Andrew808

    Aloha from Vegas

    Hawaii transplant now in Vegas/Henderson. Happy to have found this site I started taking golf more seriously as a hobby last year, got some lessons (can’t recommend this enough!), broke 100 earlier this year then 90 last month. Now golf is all I think about, I’m officially obsessed! =)

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