1. Birdiesandbogeys

    Chipping Tips/Drills that WORK?

    I’m eager to improve my chipping around the green. Anybody got a good drill, or chipping game/contest (or whatever) that has really helped you to get it up-and-down more often?
  2. Birdiesandbogeys

    Adjustable driver = waste of time for high capper?

    So, I'm currently of the mind that the player who is going to see more benefit from an adjustable driver (like the Taylormade M5, for example) is the low to mid handicapper, and NOT the guy who's shooting mid/high 90s and above. In other words, the high capper who is all over the place and/or...
  3. Birdiesandbogeys

    Lob vs sand wedge

    This is how I tend to think as well.... but why would you say that?
  4. Birdiesandbogeys

    Lob vs sand wedge

    Just curious what y’all think - should high handicappers attempt to own/play a LOB WEDGE around the greens? Or are they better off just simplifying things and going no higher than a 54-56 degree SW?

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