1. Dartgod

    Golf Club 2019

    I appreciate the positive feedback. (y) The course designer is actually fairly easy to use once you learn some of the tricks. The hard part is putting in all of the details like trees, plants, rocks, etc. It's painstakingly slow to do it right.
  2. Dartgod

    Golf Club 2019

    Thanks for the feedback. I learned a lot of what to/not to do as I went on. I'm keeping notes on what needs to be fixed and will get a new version of this out in a few weeks.
  3. Dartgod

    Golf Club 2019

    Thanks for the feedback. I shot a +7 my first time on it and agree about the greens. I may go back and tweak them a bit. Another thing I never thought about was creating OB on some holes. My +7 was because on the 4th hole, I switched clubs on a chip shot but accidentally changed the shot type...
  4. Dartgod

    Golf Club 2019

    Ok, I'm getting tired of adding a bunch of details to my course and have published what I have. It's completely playable, just missing some planting of details on a few holes. I think this is a good course for my first attempt. There is only one set of tees and one set of pin positions. Please...
  5. Dartgod

    How many rounds in a row can you birdie at least one hole?

    My streak of 3 ended today. :cry: I actually kind of did have one, but it didn't go on the score card so I cannot count it. On the par 3 17th hole. my tee shot was a bit short of the green. No one was behind us so I teed up another and it landed on the green and trickled off on the fringe about...
  6. Dartgod

    CONTEST Giving away 3 dozen 2020 Chrome Soft Triple Track (3 winners)

    Well, I have 7 left. I only lost one on the front 9, but lost 3 of them in a disastrous 2 hole stretch on the back. Then I dunked on in the water on my approach on the 18th.
  7. Dartgod

    Best Chicken Tenders

    They need a spicy version.
  8. Dartgod

    RIP Eddie Haskell

    Gee Eddie, why did you have to go and die?
  9. Dartgod

    RIP Eddie Haskell

    Ken Osmond, the actor who played Eddie Haskell on Leave it to Beaver has died at 76. https://www.tmz.com/2020/05/18/ken-osmond-leave-it-to-beaver-eddie-haskell-dead-dies/
  10. Dartgod

    CONTEST The Grandmama: A Full Bag Of Callaway Equipment, A Trip and More

    Official Entry: As a high handicapper, I didn’t think my choice of ball would make a difference. Then I discovered THP and participated in a couple of Bridgestone events. My eyes were opened when I found out that a better ball would help my game. Then I won a contest to test some Srixon Q-Star...
  11. Dartgod

    Best Movie Soundtracks

    This is the one I was going to post, along with Guardians of the Galaxy 1 & 2
  12. Dartgod

    CONTEST Giving away 3 dozen 2020 Chrome Soft Triple Track (3 winners)

    So this arrived today... Thanks again @xThor for your generosity. The tees and note were a nice touch to an already awesome gesture. I hope to get out this week and lose some of these. :ROFLMAO:
  13. Dartgod

    Movies you can Watch Over and Over

    I think pretty much every movie on my list has been mentioned except this one... Open Range One of my favorite Westerns.
  14. Dartgod

    Best Eddie Murphy Film Ever?

    My first thought is Coming to America. I thought Life, with Martin Lawrence was pretty good too.
  15. Dartgod

    Greatest American Rock Band?

    Without reading the rest of the responses, the top 5 that come immediately to mind: The Eagles Aerosmith Tom Petty Van Halen CCR
  16. Dartgod

    Golf Club 2019

    Here's a teaser, all 18 holes plus the clubhouse/driving range. Keep in mind I have a TON of planting to do to finish this up.

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