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    Masks on the Golf Course?

    When the course I play first reopened they said masks all times. I wore one at the pro shop and that's it. When I go to check in any more I no longer wear a mask and the pro shop kid takes his down when we talk. I'm also one of those guys who puts his mask on at the last second of entering a...
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    What's Your Lie?

    All my irons are forged so they are easily bent. I know longer check the lie angle. I hit balls in my net, go in the work shop (shed) and bend the irons to the angle the feels right with that iron. My irons probably vary from standard up to 3* upright.
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    The Grip Rip

    $110 or $5 utility knife. Unless you replace 100's of grips a year I'll stick with the utility knife. Then again I use air so neither is needed.
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    Epoxy question

    You can use anything you like to mix it. If I'm glueing a shaft to adapter I use a tooth pick. If I'm doing irons and mixing a lot of epoxy I use a chop stick
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    Slow group in front. What do you do?

    This ^^ Standing on the tee box staring at them sometimes to get them moving faster also then we done have to play through. If my group is on the receiving end for some reason we let the group play through but that only happens if there is a single or double pressuring us.
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    What draws you to RAW wedges or irons?

    My irons and wedges are Kyoei raw blank blades that I had to grind to a finish shape, weight and bounce. Yesterday I just refinished them with Perma blue liquid gun blue. Had them semi-rusted for the last 2 years but like this look better
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    Playing Out of a Divot?

    It will no longer be ground under repair when I no longer have to pull the ball out of it
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    Are single seat carts/vehicles the future for golf now?

    Regarding carts and scooters, drunk golfers are safer in 4 wheel carts than scooters.
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    The no club left behind rule......

    Cant remember if I ever left a club. If I take a wedge to the green I put it on my intended walking path back to the cart so I see it or if someone else has to chip on the green I put my club with theirs so it gets picked up or the "who's club is this" call out.
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    pace of play quicker

    Seems like a mix bag of faster, not faster or the same. One good thing with the guys I played with was if some one lost a ball in the rough one guy would help look while the other 2 would hit then the guy helping would hit and go back helping if need be. We did this really without thinking about...
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    pace of play quicker

    Any one who played this weekend notice a quicker pace of play due to the courses mandating 1 rider per cart? I played Friday and Saturday and our round Friday was at 3 hrs and Saturdays round was 3:20. Maybe one rider per cart may be the answer to a quicker pace of play.
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    No Golf Cart Usage Means No Golf For Me

    Some rules are pretty funny. The no handshake for one amuses me. The congregating on the tee box is another. Its amazing how we need govt to tell us how to be adults while golfing. We have all been going through this for 2 months now. People know what's up and they will do their part. People...
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    How would you play this, billionth edition

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    I'd put my clubs in my sons wagon before I'd spend those prices on a pull/push cart. At least you can throw a small beer cooler in the wagon too. Good thing is I do have a pull cart and a push cart which were bought 3 years ago for $39 and $70.
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    What’s Your 150 Club?

    putter....broomstick putter
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    Cart situation with social distancing?

    Up until the PA Gov closed the courses the course I play the guy in the pro shop was wiping down the carts and had the solution and a rag if you wanted to further do it. He was doing this a week before the shut down for good measure. I can't see our Gov opening the courses until May. Reason...
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    THP VAN?

    So you bought a plane instead??? You slap the THP sign on the side of the Netjets plane?
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    Something I noticed lately - more balls.

    I'd pick them up. What are the actual chances the ball has corona on it? 1 and a million or more? I'd have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting corona from a golf ball.

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