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    Since I'm Much older than most on the forum I've noticed many differences. I'm 71. Have never called someone a dude, don't plan to. Have never said something was awesome, don't plan to. The dirty handshake got me to thinking about this post, am guilty but will do better. One poster said...
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    ADD - Multi tasking

    Had an idea this morning. Found out in my forties that I am ADD. Cannot generally do two things at the same time. Can't watch TV and carry on a conversation at the same time, miss something. Can walk and chew gum but can't golf and chew gum. Point being is that every time I start trying to think...
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    Low spin drivers.

    Going to show how little I know, two questions. Which drivers are considered low spin? Will a low spin driver maybe help a player with a slow swing? Understand a lot depends on swing type.

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