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    Your quickest 18 holes?

    Yesterday the forecast was for rain and wind with temps in the 60's. I checked the radar and it looked like I had time to squeeze in a round before the weather got here. Evidently everyone stayed away yesterday because of the forecast. When I teed off on #1, there were groups on 10 and 11 but...
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    Another thumbs up for Callaway customer service!!!

    I had an issue with my recently purchased Big Bertha driver. I contacted Callaway to find out what my options were. Turns out Callaway is sending a replacement to me at no charge. Once it arrives they want me to ship my original club back to complete the exchange-- no muss , no fuss Just...
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    Your best "composite" score

    I was bored at work and thinking about golf the other day--imagine that! Anyway I started recalling the best score that I ever had on each hole at my home course, then added them all up for a composite score. Our course is a par 71 and my composite score was 46! 6 eagles, 1 ace, and 11 birdies...
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    New member from Ole Miss

    New member from Mississippi here. Been lurking a long time --I really enjoy the site and learn a lot here.

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