1. SouthernShred

    Announcement from Callaway Golf - 2020 Grandaddy

    Chuck pretty much covered my sentiment. Making the hard, but necessary decision for the company and employees while giving THPers another chance next year is about the best outcome one could hope for. Thanks Jason. Nothing but the best to everyone there.
  2. SouthernShred

    What golf stuff did you buy today?

    PuttOut mat & trainer...
  3. SouthernShred

    Indoor Setups: What’s Yours?

    Ok...I'm skimming. What is the consensus on putting mats? Top 2 or 3?
  4. SouthernShred

    Quarantined, so... Xbox golf it is!

    if only my son would let me mess with his gaming PC we built I would load it up there. I used to play Links 386 in the early / mid 90's on PC. I've got an Xbox One if anyone wants to do anything...golf, COD, RDR2, etc... DM me for gamertag
  5. SouthernShred

    What do you remember from your "career round?"

    Hmmm....It was 1995, I was 17, it was maybe September, afternoon, still hot as hell in Georgia...I was playing with my high school teammates and the pro at the muni we practiced at. Started out as some friendly betting between myself and the pro and I shot 34/33 I think, could be wrong about the...
  6. SouthernShred

    Indoor Setups: What’s Yours?

    Ya'll are going to make me spend money...My next door neighbor has a SkyTrak based sim bay, but...social distancing. I have a 3 car tandem garage as well, but my intended sim space has been filled with snowblowers and bicycles. Go figure. What are the go to putting mats here in different price...
  7. SouthernShred

    Colorado Members thread

    Probably not...My workload is through the roof right now
  8. SouthernShred

    EXPERIENCE The 2020 Grandaddy of em All with Callaway Golf

    Maybe not some people...those people tend to show up at the Nest again later
  9. SouthernShred

    Corona Virus/COVID19: Local Impact

    Denver goes into shelter at home mode at 5 today. Dispensaries and liquor stores remain open as essential businesses...
  10. SouthernShred

    Hybrid vs fairway wood.

    I carry driver, 3W and 21* utility...but I didn't even carry the 3W before I broke my 18* UT that had been bent to 15 or 16.
  11. SouthernShred

    CONTEST Win the Trip of a Lifetime with Callaway Golf

    What a rush...make sure you're sitting down if you get a PM
  12. SouthernShred

    Hybrid vs fairway wood.

    Long irons / utility irons?
  13. SouthernShred

    EXPERIENCE The 2020 Grandaddy of em All with Callaway Golf

    If I recall, my ball decided to take a turn left, something new and exciting for a decided fader of the golf ball...and Finley dropped it abiout Been there, done that.
  14. SouthernShred

    EXPERIENCE The 2020 Grandaddy of em All with Callaway Golf

    Bringing this one back to the top because, Grandaddy...
  15. SouthernShred

    2020 NFL Thread

    fairly low risk with a 1 year contract...Hope left me years ago as a Falcons fan...but interesting
  16. SouthernShred

    Stock Market & Retirement Planning

    Best bourbon for looking at your portfolio? Asking for a friend...

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