1. SouthernShred

    Did anyone in your family play golf when you got started?

    I was thinking about my Dad recently and his reaction to my interest in golf...first, he bought me some musclebacks at the Army thrift store at the base we were on at the time. Then, he dumped me out at the range and eventually the local par 3 course for a bit of guidance from some old timers. I...
  2. SouthernShred

    How has your perception of various OEMs changes since you started playing?

    I know my perception has changed about several OEMs and their products have changed in almost 30 years. How about you guys? Have some stayed the same?
  3. SouthernShred

    San Francisco dining?

    My office is in SF and I’ve been to SF easily 150+ times, but I’m always looking for somewhere new to eat or grab a cocktail. I primarily work in SOMA. Ideas?
  4. SouthernShred

    Where have you traveled lately?

    I was thinking about all of the business travelers that are likely on THP...and me. I travel every 2 weeks these days, down from my weekly stints JB multiple cities. Where have you been lately? Where are you headed next? Maybe this will serve as a way to grab a drink with a THPer. My last 4...
  5. SouthernShred

    What is the longest you've gamed a putter?

    Simple question...I know of a specific example of a 20+ year streak with one member here, but I'm curious how committed some of you have been to the same flat stick.
  6. SouthernShred

    Out-of-market sports options?

    My move to Denver has raised obvious concerns...how do I watch the Falcons / Braves / UGA / Atlanta United on the big screen TV y'all? Comcast is my primary option for 1G/2G internet speeds and I can easily get a cable package from them as I've had here in ATL, but they don't do much for...
  7. SouthernShred

    FS: Ping G400 MAX w/Fuji Atmos Tour Spec 6X

    Ping G400 MAX 10.5 with hot melt, Fuji Atmos Tour Spec 6X playing to 45” $250 shipped
  8. SouthernShred

    Anyone ever travel to India?

    I may have to go to India for a week or two in the next 6 months...any travel tips to keep me safe / healthy?
  9. SouthernShred

    Palm Springs area?

    Sooooo I don't think I'm going to find a way to get myself back onto The Hideaway in November but I have to be there for 4-5 days for a work paid relaxation trip. What courses should I try to play? I think I have reciprocal benefits with Mission Hills. A couple of guys from work want to play...
  10. SouthernShred

    Swing your swing?

    "Philosophical" question... We all try to improve our game via lessons, grinding on the range, etc. There are thousands of training devices, more YouTube instructional videos than you can possibly watch in a lifetime and a plethora of swing coaches to study with. With the assumption you have a...
  11. SouthernShred

    FS: TaylorMade M3 440, Kenny Giannini G2 Chubby putter

    TaylorMade M3 440 9* w/UST ProForce V2 stock length It has a few marks on it but it hasn’t been abused, a few marks on the leading edge and two small, faint marks on the crown. $350 OBO shipped in the lower 48. Kenny Giannini F2 Chubby 35” in great shape, SuperStroke Pistol GT Tour $160 OBO...
  12. SouthernShred

    Best push cart / bag combo?

    Examples: Clicgear + Callaway Org? Sun Mountain Speed + Sync bag? Thoughts? I haven’t bought a push cart in 16 or 17 years.
  13. SouthernShred

    Best value in a used driver for a teen?

    To clarify, my son just caved in the driver that came with his Strata set of clubs I bought him. He's 14 and grown man size and isn't remotely through growing...I'd like to snag something for him that is one or two seasons old that will serve him for the next year at least and I don't have to...
  14. SouthernShred

    Push fade...

    I don’t have a video but I’ve been fighting a push fade for about a month. I thought I had it solved but it keeps showing up. In general, what is the cause and some things I can check to correct this? I’ve been striking the ball really well otherwise.
  15. SouthernShred

    Wedges - How many do you carry and why?

    The high handicap wedge thread made me curious...I played golf for close to 15 years with just a set PW, a 50* muscleback gap wedge and a 56* or 58* sand wedge. I felt I could make all the shots with these 3 clubs and had a very good short game during that period. I never felt like I needed one...
  16. SouthernShred

    FS: Callaway Epic Staff Bag

    Full-sized Epic Staff bag, never left the house...I’ve only used this to store my multitude of driver shafts. $385 OBO shipped in the lower 48
  17. SouthernShred

    How has your fitted “spec” changed with your game?

    I was thinking today about my own swing evolution and resulting equipment spec over the years and I was curious how yours has changed. For example, has an improvement in your posture or stance changes your lie or length specs. Has a decrease in swing speed changed your shaft flex? Has your...
  18. SouthernShred

    What are you looking forward to?

    Do you have an upcoming golf event or buddies outing you’re looking forward to? What golf related activity are you anticipating?
  19. SouthernShred

    What are you working on?

    Me? Tempo...nothing but tempo.
  20. SouthernShred


    Anyone enjoy Arrow / Flash / Legends? I'm not a legends fan but have enjoyed the other shows. Attending DragonCon in ATL this weekend brought this to mind after we attended a panel on The Flash. It was pretty neat to ask questions from several of the Flash cast members. Also had no idea Kate...

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