1. Boder

    5-Wood vs 3-Hy - Which and Why?

    I am experimenting with the top of my bag this season. Fairway woods out and 18* utility iron and 17* Hybrid in. Hoping short shafts equal more consistent shots.
  2. Boder

    Whiskey Thread

    I had a moment last night at the grocery store. I bought $50 worth of grocery’s and $50 worth of booze including a bottle of Wild Turkey 101. Never had it before and thought what the heck.
  3. Boder

    Magic genie grants a wish - eliminate one shot from your repertoire

    The 30 yard draw can say bye bye. Happens maybe once a round but it’s just so bad I can’t stand it. I can deal with a fat shot but that draw can kiss it.
  4. Boder

    Vacation refund problems

    It’s a family vacation with my in laws and wife’s siblings. Consensus from them is to take the 80%. We are looking into options of keeping the reservation and inviting other people.
  5. Boder

    Vacation refund problems

    We booked a rental house for summer vacation through a rental agency and they had a few refund options. Full credit for next year or cash refund of 80%. Good luck getting back your money.
  6. Boder

    Most Changed Club in Your Bag?

    Probably putter right now as I am searching for something and trying new things. Also experimenting with the top end of my bag. If not for that I say I probably switch out all clubs equally.
  7. Boder

    Your thoughts on the skins game today

    It was entertaining for a little bit, but I did not watch the whole thing. I am not much of an authority on course architecture but I wasnt really blown away with the course.
  8. Boder

    Chicago area thread (Northern IL, Milwaukee, Northern Indiana too)

    Doing an awful lot of basement Carpet putting for the middle of May.
  9. Boder

    SeeMore Putters Thread

    Yes sir. I love how easy and repeatable it is at set up. It is rock solid at address as well. I know all I have to do is make a good swing. Golf shops still not open around here but when they do I will be rolling some Seemore’s.
  10. Boder

    Clicgear brake breaking

    When I was researching carts I remember reading about cables braking on these carts but that doesn’t sound like what’s going on here. I don’t have my cart next to me right so I can’t help ya out but will be interested to see what ya find.
  11. Boder

    SeeMore Putters Thread

    I support that decision. I am having a lot of fun with the FGP I bought but I think I need a little less toe hang then the 90 degrees of the FGP.
  12. Boder

    SeeMore Putters Thread

    Nice. I have been on the seemore page multiple times in the past week. M7 is a beauty.
  13. Boder

    Driver Loft: Poll

    I just lofted up my 9 degree to 10. Ball flight was looking a little low spin last time out with the new shaft so we will see what 10 degrees does for me.
  14. Boder

    Chicago area thread (Northern IL, Milwaukee, Northern Indiana too)

    Replying to myself here. Truck and trailer were recovered in Chicago. 20 white Brand new President Club Cars still missing. Thanks for your vigilance.
  15. Boder

    Chicago area thread (Northern IL, Milwaukee, Northern Indiana too)

    Can you guys please be on the look out for this or any suspicious too good to be true Golf Cart sales. This is my Best Friends business. Thanks.
  16. Boder

    Whats the weather like where you are

    April showers here. But getting warmer.
  17. Boder

    Ever just forget how to play on the tee box?

    Happens to me more then I like to admit. I am trying to practice a pre shot routine and really working on a repeatable set up.
  18. Boder

    Solely based on looks alone

    My top 3, Titleist, Callaway, Srixon.
  19. Boder


    I see people mentioning Rocket Mortgage. Has anyone tried Credible or compared the two? When I checked Credible seemed to offer some pretty good rates I have not checked local though.

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