1. Pears

    CONTEST New Bridgestone TOUR B Golf balls

    Tour B XS was the ball that I was recommended when going through the ball fitter.
  2. Pears

    Corona Virus/COVID19: Local Impact

    Supreme Court for Wisconsin yesterday overturned the Governor's safer at home order. Bars opened and were packed the minute of...lol Just crazy how we go from can't go anywhere to who gives a sheet let's party. Not smart in my opinion. I wish everyone to be healthy and just protect...
  3. Pears

    #PushCartMafia - Are you in?

    I used to carry but my back started to disagree, so last year I bought a push cart. Love walking the course.
  4. Pears

    CONTEST Giving away 3 dozen 2020 Chrome Soft Triple Track (3 winners)

    Congrats everyone!! Very cool contest also
  5. Pears

    CONTEST Giving away 3 dozen 2020 Chrome Soft Triple Track (3 winners)

    Since I mark mine with the scent of tree's, I'll try and figure out how to get that to you:cool:
  6. Pears

    Brand you love, but have never played?

    Would love to try the Taylormade P-790 irons. Just isn't in the cards for me at the moment.
  7. Pears

    What are you grateful for today?

    Today I am thankful to be able to golf with my Dad.
  8. Pears

    Brilliant or trashy

    I can appreciate that the guy wants to get out and play, he is definitely thinking outside the box. He definitely didn't put much thought into it though, where is his cup holder for the Busch light?
  9. Pears

    Ketchup On .........

    Hamburgers, hotdogs, brats, fries, tator tots. I'm sure I'm in the minority here but I use ketchup with fried fish also.
  10. Pears

    CONTEST Win an Evnroll Putter!

    I gave it a like too, good luck!
  11. Pears

    Walk or ride.

    I prefer to walk, but late year cold and some rolling hilled courses demand a ride.
  12. Pears

    You just got word your course is opening, do you hit the range on day one or just play.

    Ranges aren't open here( at least my local ones)so it is straight to the course for me. Tomorrow actually is the first day here that they can open, and yes, I do have a tee time.
  13. Pears

    What’s Your 150 Club?

    I'm a 7 iron at 150
  14. Pears


    This sounds pretty cool!!
  15. Pears

    What's the oldest golf related picture on your phone?

    This was taken in 2018. I owe my love of golf to my Grandma. When I was a kid she took me to all the local courses.
  16. Pears

    Solely based on looks alone

    I voted Cobra partially because I have a blended set, but wouldn't mind trying the Taylormade. They all look awesome though!
  17. Pears

    Stamp It: What Are You Putting On Here?

    I'd stamp it "Ol Beef Jerky" Why? When someone asks what club your going to use and you respond that your going to use "Ol Beef Jerky" Imagine the look and response you'll get. Hilarious in my eyes, I love that sort thing.
  18. Pears

    Which Would You Pick? - 6 irons

    Wish I could hit a 6iron 190 yrds. I personally would take #2, solely based on decent angle. I want that ball to hit and have minimal roll out, my opinion though.

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