1. SunnyWalker

    How often do good golfers (~ <5HC) shape their shots

    Every really good (sub 5hdcp) player I've ever played with, had a primary shot shape. They only worked the ball the opposite way if they absolutely had to. The vast majority, over 90%, hit varying degrees of a draw almost all the time. I can only think of 3 really good players I played with that...
  2. SunnyWalker

    For those who've been hit by a ball ... lets have your story

    I was walking, carrying my bag in the left rough on the 8th hole. A tee shot was hit on the parallel 7th hole, FORE! someone yelled I look up and a ball emerged through the foliage of a tree maybe 50 yards away. I had just enough time to pivot left and the ball hit my bag. It looked like a...
  3. SunnyWalker

    Short Game Poll

    I'm out on the end of the grip. The only reason I do that is because choking down is too hard on my back during practice. I was always taught the farther down you get on the grip, the more you can control the clubhead.
  4. SunnyWalker


    The no tech aspect wouldn't bother me. I don't especially like hitting into indoor nets anyway. I have found it useful when the teacher records my swing and shows me frame by frame where I'm good and/or bad though I'd take a lesson from a no tech teacher
  5. SunnyWalker

    What holes are toughest for you?

    I'm sure I make double bogey or worse on Par 4's more than anywhere else. Occasionally chop up a par 5. Rarely make worse than bogey on a par 3. Birdies are probably close between par 3's and 5's
  6. SunnyWalker

    The focus has to be reproducing what works best in your swing.

    There's a whole lot more to playing good/decent golf than having a repeatable golf swing. Most of the players(5-12 handicpers) I know hardly ever think they are really "swinging" the club all that well. They just have a consistent process and manage what they have well. Granted, the better you...
  7. SunnyWalker

    What to do first, lessons or fitting?

    Lessons for sure. It would be great if you could find a pro that can do both, though finding a pro that fits the brands of clubs you like could be challenging. I'd also ask whoever does the fitting if they would use data from multiple sessions before deciding on clubs
  8. SunnyWalker

    Chipping inconsistencies, yips you name it

    Poor technique leads to inconsistent contact, which leads to lack of confidence, which leads to all kinds of other issues when attempting to play a shot For me, It's all about bottoming the club out at the correct spot and not digging , whether you're playing a pitch or a chip (big difference)...
  9. SunnyWalker

    Good Miss

    I pushed sliced a drive OOB across the road, hit an elevated bank and bounced back across the road and onto the golf course. Knocked my next shot on the green and made the putt for birdie. A fellow playing in front of my group topped his shot on a par 3. His balled rolled all the way down the...
  10. SunnyWalker

    What is your worst golf mistake?

    My biggest mistake was not finding a pro who could teach all about the up part of getting the ball up and down. If I had found that guy......oh man the strokes i could have saved
  11. SunnyWalker

    Green aeration and heeling

    I agree. I belonged to a club once that was constantly messing with the greens. Small tine, big tine, sand, no sand....sheesh. The greens seemed like they were constantly recovering from some treatment or another. They rolled nice in April before any treatment and from October on till the end of...
  12. SunnyWalker

    Just completely losing your swing

    Every player has different tendencies. Nowadays, I tend to get shorter and quick with my swing when I'm struggling. I also seem to let the ball creep too far forward in my stance. So I try to check the fundamentals box.....take extra club withe the irons and swing smooth....finish my backswing...
  13. SunnyWalker

    Green aeration and heeling

    I think it depends a lot on the soil temp when determining how fast the greens come back. Typically greens heal faster after fall(sept.) aeration since the soil temp is already up.
  14. SunnyWalker

    Does drawing a line on the ball help your putting?

    Yes it helps me. After lining ball line up with intended line, I address the ball and trace the line on the ball through my putting line to the hole, then from the hole back to the line on my ball. Then I pull the trigger
  15. SunnyWalker

    A creative way to “Corona-proof” the cups

    I think its a great idea. I also think somebody will somehow find a way to break it and folks will use their hands anyway.
  16. SunnyWalker

    How would you play this shot, third edition

    Hook my 4 hybrid around the tree. I'm not worried about ending up in a bunker. Probably make no worse than bogey and might make a par.
  17. SunnyWalker

    Swing Tips - Avoid or Consume?

    I don't usually look for tips, but I don't avoid them either. I can pretty much tell whether its even worth me giving it a try this far along in the process. If I had a full time instructor and I could more or less do what he was suggesting, then I wouldn't give tips a second thought.
  18. SunnyWalker

    Does your last shot matter?

    Yes it matters. If I hit a good shot because say, my tempo was good. I'm going to try and do that again. If I pull a putt and miss it because my alignment was sloppy. I;m going to try and fix that on my next putt.
  19. SunnyWalker

    How do you pick your "target"?

    On tee shots I pick where i want the ball to start, left of center or right of center. On second shots, or par 3's I usually aim somewhere between the pin and the fat part of the green. The shorter the iron the more likely I am to aim at the pin. On all shots i pick an intermediate target a...

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