1. Xarraan

    FS: Odyssey X Act Chipper

    Right handed, 37 degree and length, standard lie. No trade interests. $80 shipped CONUS. PayPal
  2. Xarraan

    WTB 2014 Callaway Masters Coin.

    It's the only one I don't have. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk
  3. Xarraan

    FS Bertha Mini 12° RH Reg flex

    Standard Length, Kuro Rage TiNi shaft with a new Lamkin Wrap Tech grip. Comes with headcover and tool $210 shipped CONUS - No trade interest
  4. Xarraan

    WTB Amp 3 Wood club or shaft

    Regular flex right handed need either the entire thing or a shaft with the appropriate adapter. Mine broke and I need a replacement.
  5. Xarraan

    FS (13) Lamkin UTX Wrap Grips

    Black with Blue cap. Standard size. $70 Shipped CONUS
  6. Xarraan

    Buying from IR13 will not raise your ire

    My shaft arrived today. shipping was fast and as my first purchase from a THP memeber I couldn't be happier.
  7. Xarraan

    WTB X Hot Driver adapter for a .335 shaft

    Building a shaft for a friend as a gift.
  8. Xarraan

    Push cart

    I've decided to start walking next season at a local course that is pretty flat and not going to kill me. So I need thoughts on some different carts.
  9. Xarraan

    Going to my first PGA event tomorrow

    Any rules or anything else I should expect and be mindful of?
  10. Xarraan

    FS: THP items.

    I hate to need to do this but I need the money. For sale is 3 THP items. Paypal and shipped CONUS. I'm not looking for anything in trade. Both head covers sold. Lastly is the THP ball marker from Tin Cup War Eagle had made. $30 shipped. Any questions feel free to PM me.
  11. Xarraan

    Finally broke 100

    Finally it has happened. 47/47. I ended up with a snowman on the 18 after I got caught in a deep bunker and took 3 tries to get out. Mods, I couldn't fine the breaking 100 thread feel free to dump it in there
  12. Xarraan

    Cobra Tour Trusty

    They are finally releasing this club. Rickie inspired stamping
  13. Xarraan

    First Lesson on Thursday

    I'm excited and nervous. I'm not sure if I can be helped as big as I am. But I will go in with my head held high. If they can get me off the tee without taking a penalty stroke ill consider it a win.
  14. Xarraan

    WTB: AMP 5W Reg flex

    Not sure if anyone has one they are looking to unload or not.
  15. Xarraan

    My apologies to Josh and Morgan

    This is going to be lengthy. I was excited to pay for my AC invitational. In my excitement I typed golfergal@hackersparadise.con instead of .com. I quickly canceled after Morgan told me she hasn't gotten my conformation payment. I sent the new one and made sure I typed it correctly. Fast...
  16. Xarraan

    Putter Pool Golf

    Just came across this article and felt like sharing http://m.gizmodo.com/5976414/putter-pool-brilliantly-merges-two-of-the-worlds-laziest-sports
  17. Xarraan

    Global Golf R1 giveaway

    http://www.globalgolf.com/survey/survey.aspx#divContest Sign up for a chance at the new driver
  18. Xarraan

    Getting married on Saturday

    My big day is almost here. I get to marry my best friend and I'm excited. I thought I would be getting nervous by now but so far I'm holding up. I have to deal with a few family members who dislike me and don't like our age difference. Me being 33 and her 25. Besides that she was the one who...
  19. Xarraan


    So I defended him last night on twitter when some golf guy ranted about him having a contest on his twitter during a hurricane. I said the damn thin is right over me and I don't see a reason not to have a contest. Well regardless if I won or not I got a DM from Rickie asking for my address so he...
  20. Xarraan

    GolfTEC fitting

    I'm thinking about booking a session for a fitting. I want to finally see what I should be using for irons and possibly a shaft fitting for my Driver. I looked on their site and and can't get an idea on cost. I'm looking at getting a new set of Cobra irons and I don't want to screw up buying a...

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