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    yeah i must of missed that post.
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    yeah i just seen this has been posted.. should've searched, my bad go ahead and delete thread.
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    Anybody ever seen these or use them? https://golfkicks.com/
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    Walking to Cart Before Others Finish?

    i usually wait, i feel like if someone has the common courtesy to stand there for me then i should in return, it is a distraction when people are walking off and your trying to line up a putt or even putt. i mean we're not pros but does tiger finish a hole and go stand on the next tee box while...
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    Possible Rule Change: Hit The Flag It Counts

    no when i go to the course i actually like being at the course, so pace of play for this matter is not affected. i cant see banging it off the pin from any distance is helpful and would help me get off the course quicker, why even go then. a moving pace is great but speed play is not for me.
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    How Many hybrids do you carry?

    I carry 3, its probably one of the best golf decisions i made 2 years ago. i will say this though i rarely use my 3 hybrid and im contemplating another wedge in its place..
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    Video THP Live with Canadan + Contest

    i missed it 😢
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    Requesting a curbside fitting consult please...

    lol im backwards then in what i was saying.. yep im a jack wagon
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    First Look: Callaway MD5 Raw Wedges

    i think this would be my answer, you'd literally have to hit 200 balls a day for probably a couple seasons to actually see the face wear to nothing wouldn't you? I think the average golfer hits 20-30 balls on the range a couple times a week before they play and then use their wedge every other...
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    Is there a club you'd hoard?

    I've been thinking about this a lot lately and today was a reminder from James thread on raw wedges. My thought is there's a discontinued wedge model that I really like, it's a raw model that will rust and over time the face will wear and I'm thinking long term what would I do? The wedges are...
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    This happend today with my 3wood ball only two rounds old?

    that ball looks beat and old.
  12. TCB2010

    First Look: Callaway MD5 Raw Wedges

    Nice write up James. I love the raw, I trust the rust, in my mind I have to think the non plating wedges will produce more spin due to slightly more open grooves, yes the downfall maybe they'll wear faster but I don't worry about that. The way manufacturers produce different clubs yearly or...
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    Today's Rant - What Would You Do?

    I just matched up the pipe sizes, what is this in reference to?
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    New bag help

    I had a stand bag for many years. At one point I said I wanted more room and was never going to worry about needing stands, so I had gone through 2 staff bags in 5 years, bad decision. Not only did I look like that guy with a staff bag, but the damn thing didn’t fit on a cart properly and when...
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    HBO Max

    I work during the day, on here at night, I see no reason to pay for some shat I ain’t gonna use. But seriously, no, not unless they have super Dave Osborne reruns, I remember being a kid watching that with my parents.
  16. TCB2010

    Requesting a curbside fitting consult please...

    I’m in no way shape or form suppose to be answering this but these look like heel shots. You thought you were to upright, is this body position? Because the heel shots tell me your to flat, sitting on the ball, hands are to low. I would think if you thought you or the clubs were to upright you’d...
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    Scotty Cameron Putter Headcover Archive

    Topless mid mallet circle t that’s an expensive one
  18. TCB2010

    Swing finish - where do you stand?

    I went with direct reflection but I could’ve easily picked club twirl that shat!
  19. TCB2010

    US Open Qualifier 2021 - My Journey

    If I was you I’d go out in style with some camel non filters. Now your bringing the heat!

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