1. tgtt

    Mizuno golf balls to US

    I'm on Tapatalk so probably missed it. True? Where's the scoop? Sent from my BLA-A09 using Tapatalk
  2. tgtt

    Demo days

    I've been trying to test drivers for about a month without any luck. I can't find anyone in my area that'll let me test: G400s, F8s, and ST180 without tape. Some combinations are available but not all. The weirdest thing is even official Ping fitters do not have all heads available to test...
  3. tgtt

    What would pros play if they weren't paid?

    Obviously there is no right or wrong answer. However, what is your perception of what the pros would play if they weren't paid... Driver: 1) TMAG, 2) Titleist, 3) Ping FW: 1) Titleist, 2) Callaway, 3) Ping Hybrids: 1) Adams, 2) Titleist, 3) TMAG Irons: 1) Titleist, 2) Mizuno, 3) Ping...
  4. tgtt

    Lily drone...

    Has anyone seen this yet? For $499 (only preorder then jumps to $999) it seems like a pretty sick deal for those that do things cool enough to record. I also think it would be an awesome tool for coaching. Just imagine it flying above a QB, LB, or safety.
  5. tgtt

    Let's discuss new club and accessory oddities

    How is it possible to see new clubs for sale so often? There is always someone selling a single club or a set that they've only played once or twice. And what happens to so many head covers or tools as they are often not included in sell? Is this simply someone trying a club or clubs that...
  6. tgtt

    Hypothetical: Let's say USGA and R&A get creative again...

    Instead of going after long putters they went after the stroke. So, instead of going after the ball let's hypothesize they do something drastic. New rule states that you can no longer play 14 clubs. Now, you only get 9. What do you do (quit is not a legit answer)? I have no idea why this...
  7. tgtt

    What's the most you've ever paid for a round of golf?

    I think we've discussed what we would pay to play mythical courses such as Augusta or expensive ones like Pebble. I'll make this a poll too. And for those that have paid for caddies they should add that to their total. I'm cheap. I play a lot after 2:00-3:00 to get the discounted rate. I...
  8. tgtt

    Straddling the through-line

    There are lots of things that drive me crazy with professional golf but this may be my biggest pet peeve when watching. This is when they straddle the potential line on the opposite side of the hole of a missed putt when making their tap in putt. I think it's idiotic but do you do it?
  9. tgtt

    President's Cup Captain's picks predictions

    Couples: Stricker & Spieth Price: Clark & Coetzee Tiger will want Stricker and Couples will oblige (he is 11th so it's not a stretch) and Finchem will help push for Spieth. Price stays with South African golfers.
  10. tgtt


    I've decided to stop stuffing a filing cabinet in my back pocket everyday, sitting sideways, and having all my cards break. I started looking at some front pocket wallets (my money already goes in my front pocket anyway). Has anyone else made the switch? Like it? Regret it? Any good...
  11. tgtt

    Predictions... Which radical 2013 club "innovation" is likely to disappear in 2014.

    Predictions... Which radical 2013 club "innovation" is likely to disappear in 2014. I know this will be solely based on sales instead of actual useful technology but... Also, if either company moves away from their radical innovations so quickly will they lose some credibility in your eyes?
  12. tgtt

    Ask The Pro forum...

    Pros still around or have I missed something?
  13. tgtt

    Does Nike need Rory to struggle or start slow?

    How much more will Nike benefit if Rory struggles or starts slow? IMO, they gain little, aside from having #1 using their clubs, if he comes out rolling. The equipment change will be talked about little if this happens. However, if he struggles it will be a hot topic until he starts rolling...
  14. tgtt

    My buddy wins a WSOP bracelet and $210K!!!

    I know a world champion!!! Now, we are not old high school buddies or anything but we are both on the same poker forum, I have bought some of his action before, met him at Horseshoe in southern Indiana when we played the same 6 handed event, and we text one another (especially about Steelers...
  15. tgtt

    A real eye opener!! Seeing yourself for the 1st time on video...

    What was your reaction? I knew I went way past parallel but never realized I had so many other things going wrong with my swing. SHOCKED to see exactly how much work I have to do. I typically aim to play a 10 yard fade. Now I know why. I come over the top. No clue I did this before. I...
  16. tgtt

    Forum awards???

    I ran a search and didn't find anything so I thought I'd bring it up. If it needs to be in another section please move it or if it is a bad idea just delete or lock. I'm stealing this from what we used to do on my poker forum and we had some fun with it. We came up with a nifty name for the...
  17. tgtt

    Exotic animals loose in Zanesville, OH

    If I lived in a 30 mile radius my kids wouldn't leave the house. Exotic animals escape Ohio farm; owner found dead By ANDY BROWNFIELD, Associated Press – 12 hours ago ZANESVILLE, Ohio (AP) — Dozens of animals escaped Tuesday from a wild-animal preserve that houses bears, big cats and other...
  18. tgtt

    Amazing stat from Shriners golf tourney!

    Maybe this is common knowledge but the number of Titleist wedges is truly amazing to me (source - http://www.thetourvan.com/) : The Winning Count...
  19. tgtt

    Which high tech fitting should I go with??

    These are the only 2 in my area: Tee Time Golf Complex: PureLaunch Golfetc: Flightscope I really need to get a better grasp of my distances with my new clubs and also would like to get ball fit. Anyone have experience with either of these two?
  20. tgtt

    Green saver divot repair tool?

    I ran a search and didn't find anything. Has anyone tried this? xbRzaHHw9vo

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