1. Lmart009

    Week 14: THP Fantasy Football

    5 teams are going to finish 8-6 in league 4, so the playoff race will come down to points and I believe Team Toe Jam has the most points in the league (by nearly 100 points over second) and rightfully earns the final spot via tie breaker! Congrats to all who advanced! Sent from my GM1925 using...
  2. Lmart009

    2019 Secret Holiday Gift Exchange is open!!

    Damn... I've had personal things going on and I cannot believe I missed out in participating this year! Great job to all the SS's so far this year! I look forward to seeing what's yet to come! Sent from my GM1925 using Tapatalk
  3. Lmart009

    Week 14: THP Fantasy Football

    League 4, the final spot is up for grabs! Sent from my GM1925 using Tapatalk
  4. Lmart009

    What was your last EBay golf purchase?

    Just pulled the trigger on a HZRDUS Smoke Black shaft to pair with my Rogue head. The stock HZRDUS Yellow snapped near the bottom and after hitting an older driver I had to get the Rogue back in play ASAP!
  5. Lmart009

    What's for Dinner?

    Steak and salad! Sent from my GM1925 using Tapatalk
  6. Lmart009

    What is a Club Champion Driver Fitting Like?

    Great video, very informative! Sent from my GM1925 using Tapatalk
  7. Lmart009

    Week 3: THP Fantasy Football

    Well, three weeks in and L4 looks to have no undefeated teams remaining. This season is going to be tough! All in all, I need RBs, but I cannot complain too much after putting up 100+ each of the first three weeks. Sent from my GM1925 using Tapatalk
  8. Lmart009

    Week 3: THP Fantasy Football

    Hmm. I like the offer, but I feel too thin at RB to accept. Let me take a look and see what I can counter with... Sent from my GM1925 using Tapatalk
  9. Lmart009

    Week 3: THP Fantasy Football

    I need a TE in L4. Take a look and shoot me something, Mile High. Sent from my GM1925 using Tapatalk
  10. Lmart009

    Iron Shaft Suggestions

    I need to find a set of shafts for the W/S C300 forged heads rewarded for the 2018 L4 THP FF championship. The shafts I had (XP 95) are parallel tipped and the heads are tapered, so I need to look into another option. With that said, I am open to see what the THP community recommends? I...
  11. Lmart009

    WTB: X-Stiff Project X shaft for Epic

    Title says it all. Looking to swap out my T800 for something a little stiffer and testing the Rogue with a X-Stiff this afternoon. Edit... Title missed a key fact. Standard length! Thanks, Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  12. Lmart009

    Unofficial DMV Outing July 22nd-23rd 2017

    For anyone interested in playing either the white or black tees, here are the distances for all standard combos... So... where does group 2 want to tee it up from?
  13. Lmart009

    Driver: Desperate for advice - top of swing through impact ....

    Attached is what I am describing... You lose spine angle as your lower half comes toward the ball vs. rotating toward the target. I would guess from a front view, your head is probably higher at impact than address.
  14. Lmart009

    Photo Heavy The Food Porn Thread

    This grill is very high on my ponder list... I need to make it happen!
  15. Lmart009

    Premium putter upgrade worth it?

    My most recent ponder is a new putter. I am currently gaming a Nike Method Matter M4-12 that was purchased by my wife as a gift. I believe I have narrowed my choices down to either a Scotty Cameron Golo or a Toulon Memphis. Each of these putters somewhat resemble my current gamer, but what...
  16. Lmart009

    Short Par 4 - Feedback and Review (no codes/referral links)

    I had a pretty good box this month. Pair of Ogio polos, SP4 glove and a green SP4 poker chip.
  17. Lmart009

    Hampton Roads, VA - Club Fitting

    I am interested in getting fit for a new set of irons and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a fitter in the area? Thanks,
  18. Lmart009

    How do you keep your marriage/relationship "fresh"

    I am not one for sharing my business, so I am a bit outside of my comfort zone with this post. My wife and I have been working on our relationship. Things are going well and I am concerned that the end of summer will present some challenges. We have two kids and with school starting after...
  19. Lmart009

    How do you tee off on holes with dog legs?

    I personally do not have a huge issue with this, but I expect to when I start hitting something longer than a 7i off of the tee. With the 7i I aim for the fairway at the bend and go into the hole knowing that I will have a longer approach to the green. I am interested to hear how other THP...
  20. Lmart009

    Hello from Hampton Roads, VA

    Checking in from Virginia Beach, VA. I have been playing off/on for roughly two years and I just recently took my first set of lessons. Overall the mechanics of my swing are coming around and I look forward to improving my scores over the next few months! I am currently gaming Nike Covert...

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