1. MudFlap

    Evolve Golf, Thank you!

    First, a big thank you to Ben and the team at Evolve Golf. Ben and his team went above and beyond to make me custom P1Rx pitch mark repair tools, with bottle openers. Annnndddd they are freaking amazing. Back story... I ordered a couple of pieces from the THP limited run and was really...
  2. MudFlap

    FS: THP stuff...

    Doing a little fall cleaning and I found some random THP items I don't use. All prices are paypaled and shipped to conus. Set of 13 THP Pure Grips. Bought these from a THPer and never used them. They are new. SOLD THP Flix divot tool, I still prefer the original crosshairs one as it holds a...
  3. MudFlap

    WTB: SeeMore m6

    I've been pondering picking one up for a while now to mess around with. Anyone have one sitting around they'd like to part with? Thought I'd check here first. 36" and black would be ideal but not a deal breaker if the length isn't right or it's platinum. Thanks!
  4. MudFlap

    FS: SeeMore mFGP2

    The deep flange has taken over the spot in the bag so this one can move on to a new home. 35 inch, 70 degree lie angle. Standard black SeeMore golf pride grip. Asking $175 shipped to conus.
  5. MudFlap

    Contest - THP iPad 2 cover

    First, let me say that this contest is in no way associated with THP. A while back I bought JB's iPad 2, he included a THP plastic cover. I believe it's one of a kind, JB can correct me if I'm wrong on that. I have since moved on to an Air and passed the 2 on to my niece with a life proof case...
  6. MudFlap

    FS: Callaway X Utility Proto 18

    Possible trades X2Hot 18 degree hybrid or a rocketbladez/speedblades 3 iron. I'd entertain other 18-19 degree hybrid offers but it'd have to be something I can find and hit first. Lightly used in good shape. Project X 6.0 stiff steel shaft, standard Callaway grip. Looking for $100 shipped to...
  7. MudFlap

    FS: SeeMore mFGP2 Private Reserve and THP Coins

    Due to circumstances I can't control I have to try and move a few things I'm not using. First is an all black stainless steel SeeMore mFGP2 PR that came to me from the vault. With the single sight line on the flange and sight dot, there's not many out there like it. It's set up counterbalanced...
  8. MudFlap

    FS: SeeMore m8

    This m8 has bounced around THP, in great shape but does show signs of everyday use. I love this putter but with the mFGP2 solidly in the bag the m8 will just sit. I'll pass it along to someone who can get some use out of it. It plays at 35" set at 70° lie angle and 350g head weight. It has a...
  9. MudFlap

    FS: SeeMore OneCS & m8, TP Mills Huey

    SeeMore OneCS SOLD SeeMore m8 SOLD TP Mills Custom Huey SOLD
  10. MudFlap

    WTB: SeeMore

    All my selling and trading putters lately I've left myself SeeMore-less. Figured I'd check here before I order a new one. No SB, X or Si series...that's the only rule. Let me know what you have, thanks!
  11. MudFlap

    FS: 2 - T.P. Mills custom putters, THP ball marker

    First up is a Nellie, flamed stainless steel that plays at 34". Gripped with a one of a kind TPM grip. Nellie head cover included. Asking SOLD Next is a Huey, black oxide carbon steel that plays at 35" with black PVD shaft. Gripped with a Super Stroke 1.0 grip. TPM head cover that's pictured is...
  12. MudFlap

    FS: T.P. Mills Putter Head Covers

    Red nylon 2007 Putter Club $20 Camo nylon 2008 Putter Club $20 Blue leather Orlando $20 All in great shape, velcro like new. Prices include shipping to conus.
  13. MudFlap

    FS SeeMore m8

    I love this putter but it's not going to get used so it must go. 35", 70* lie angle and 350g. Putter says 335g but I had weight added to the head by SeeMore. Black SeeMore Iomic and black velcro SeeMore head cover. $150 shipped to the lower 48. I will ship it anywhere but you pay the shipping...
  14. MudFlap

    FS: SeeMore mFGP2

    I bought this as a belly putter from a THPer. The belly putting thing did not work for me at all so I had it cut down to 35" and put a new Winn AVS midsize pistol grip on. Black SeeMore velcro head cover included. SOLD
  15. MudFlap

    FS: Wilson Staff TW9 Wedges

  16. MudFlap

    Calder Cup Champs!!

    This doesn't mean much to most but it sure does to my little city and as a 20 year season ticket holder I still can't believe it!! My hometown AHL team beat Houston tonight 3-2 to clinch the series and the cup.:drinks: Binghamton Senators 2011 AHL Calder Cup Champions!!!
  17. MudFlap

    East coast people...

    I'm trying to figure out how far south I have to go to find an open course, so far just calling isn't working well. Looking for a straight shot down I81 if possible, thanks for any help in advance. Southern PA? MD? VA?
  18. MudFlap

    Ghost Radar App - iPhone/Driod

    So, I seem to have a lot of free time on my hands lately...a friend told me about the Ghost Radar app and I've since been getting creeped out by it haha. Anyone else download this? Have any good stories? Was going to take it to a cemetery tonight but it's raining so that will have to wait. It...
  19. MudFlap

    Magnetic Bracelets...

    Anyone wear one? I bought a Callaway Ion glove and the few rounds I've played wearing it so far my back hasn't seemed to stiffen up as much as before. Is this all in my head? I'm thinking of picking up a magnetic bracelet to wear all the time now. If you wear one do you have any thoughts or...
  20. MudFlap

    Columbus, OH

    I'm taking my nephew to a football camp at Ohio State in the middle of June. I'll have some free time during the day while he's at camp on Monday/Tuesday and want to try to get some golf in. I'd like to keep it at or under $50 for 18 and a cart but that's flexible, any recommendations? Anyone...

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