1. wadesworld

    Most expensive round of golf

    Pebble Beach. $525 + $100 for caddie + tip. Oh yeah, and a $1,200 room in the lodge for a guaranteed tee time. Never dreamed I'd spend that much money for a round of golf. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
  2. wadesworld

    The Official 2019 - 2020 NHL and Everything Hockey Thread

    Hopefully with Hynes demanding more defense of the middle, both Rinne and Saros are going to start to see their stats return to something respectable.
  3. wadesworld

    EXPERIENCE The Mizuno Experience

    As a Mizuno player for the last few years, I'm really looking forward to entering this one!
  4. wadesworld

    Neil Peart RIP

    It's incredible how such a thing leaves such an empty feeling. Rush has been part of my life since I was probably 10 years old. Very few days have gone by where I haven't listened to their music. My xbox gamertag is wadesworld2112. I think there were other drummers who were better technical...
  5. wadesworld

    The Official 2019 - 2020 NHL and Everything Hockey Thread

    I think largely just that he was stuck in his ways, the team wasn't progressing and therefore they thought he had to be part of the problem. One rumor I've heard is interim coach until the end fo the year and then hire Phil Housley next year.
  6. wadesworld

    The Official 2019 - 2020 NHL and Everything Hockey Thread

    Rumor is that Lavy was told to fire Kevin McCarthy last year and he refused. This year that choice came back to bite him. I liked Lavy, but we've got too much talent to be where we are. I'm not saying we should be cup contenders, but we should be solidly in a playoff spot. As for who we...
  7. wadesworld

    2019-2020 College Football Thread

    They definitely were the best team on the field. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. wadesworld

    If Die Hard is a Christmas movie...

    Die Hard has a Christmas book. Therefore, it is a Christmas movie:
  9. wadesworld

    2019-2020 College Football Thread

    What.A.Game! I wasn't even going to be mad if we lost. Auburn played their hearts out. That said, I was going to lose my mind at Gus for running it up the middle twice on that last series. A 45-yard punt return and a last-second TD for bama to win was sure to be the result. Thank goodness...
  10. wadesworld

    2019-2020 College Football Thread

    Saban apparently doesn't understand that the game is not blown dead when the clock expires. Argues it takes 3 seconds to clock it, so there's no way you should be able to snap and kick it in a second.
  11. wadesworld

    How Does This Even Happen?

    Had to be an attempted Happy Gilmore with the top of the club.
  12. wadesworld

    One Ball Rule

    Again, it's NOT a rule. Change your ball as much as you want. However, in a tournament, the tournament organizers may implement it as a condition of competition.
  13. wadesworld

    OGputtnfool's 2019-2020 offseason swing rebuild

    I'm sure there's a few things a pro can find to fix about your swing. However, I think your standards may be a bit excessive. With the exception of the pull-hook, those were some really good swings. I saw a lot of consistency. You're not going to hit everything perfect. How many times have...
  14. wadesworld

    Chipping Problems

    This may open your eyes to some fundamentals which may be missing from your chipping game:
  15. wadesworld

    Par 5 play

    Depends on your skill level and how well you're swinging that day. While it's true that getting closer to the green usually leads to better scores, you have to take into account the margin of error with a 3-wood. A poorly hit 3-wood can go WAY offline, putting you OB or in deep trouble. A...
  16. wadesworld

    TEASER Something Fun with Mizuno is Coming in 2020

    That's awesome! As a Mizuno player, I'm definitely going to keep my eye on this one.
  17. wadesworld

    Question for Coders from a Hobbiest

    Python is an excellent general-purpose language. If you're looking to do web development with it, you'll want to use the Django framework or one of the alternative frameworks. If you're just looking to build things for yourself, Ruby is also a good choice. It's an extremely elegant language...
  18. wadesworld

    Golfer DQ’d from Event for running out of Balls

    That's true. Of course there's a high chance someone is playing the same model of white Titleist at a PGA Tour event.
  19. wadesworld

    Golfer DQ’d from Event for running out of Balls

    You're allowed to borrow equipment (other than clubs) from another player. But from the sound of it, he had no interest in finishing.

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